Industrial Safety Equipment

Working in an industrial environment without proper industrial safety equipment is like risking your life on your own. Industrial safety products are an essential part of an industrial workplace because it protects various types of risks present in their working atmosphere. Using proper safety devices ensures the safety of the workers, along with maximum productivity.
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Are you looking for the best safety items at a reasonable price? Well, you have visited the right place. Our safety shop is a one-stop solution for all types of safety gear. We deal in the best-in-class protective gear with fantastic build quality and price. Some of the safety tools like fire safety equipment, extinguisher fire, safety goggles, safety helmet, safety gloves, safety jackets, welding safety equipment, light curtains, ear protectors, chemical lab apron, safety cap, safety ladders, biosafety cabinet, safety harness, etc. are available on our online safety shop. We are one of the best safety equipment suppliers in the market. We regularly update the industrial safety products list on our platform according to the market demand and current price so that we can offer the best industrial safety equipment at an optimal rate.

Some major types of Safety Tools you can find here

We deal in almost all types of safety gear of the best quality, and that’s why we are one of the best safety equipment suppliers in the market. Some major products include:

Safety Goggles:

It is vital to protect your eyes while working in an industry, and eye protection glasses are the best protective gears that can be used in industry works. Working at hazardous places like metal processing shops, construction sites, or working at chemical splash places can be dangerous, and eye protection goggles are compulsory to wear. We offer the best quality welding goggles, chemical splash goggles, constructional goggles, and more. The safety goggles price provided here is the best in the market. These glasses offer complete eye protection and save you from the damages caused by welding, chemicals, and metal pieces. If you are looking for the best quality welding glasses, then consider our safety shop where the quality is guaranteed along with the best price.

Safety Gloves:

The safety hand gloves are widely used to protect your fingers and arms. The hand protection gloves come in different varieties for distinct purposes, some of which are electrical gloves, cut resistant gloves, mechanics gloves, cryogenic gloves, etc. The industrial hand gloves you will get here offers high-level protection in any industrial work environment. The electrical safety gloves are specially designed to protect against high voltage electric currents. The chemical work gloves you will get here are perfect for protecting your hands from liquid and chemicals that may cause burns and other issues. The mechanics gloves are useful in handling machinery and industrial tools. The use of cut-resistance gloves has become common in industries because it provides extra safety. The industrial safety gloves price provided here is reasonable as compared to the other online platforms, and we assure you that you will get the best quality product if you order it from here. If you think that your choice of safety hand gloves is not available here, then you can contact us and explain your needs to us, we can also customize protective gloves according to your requirement in the minimum time.

Industrial Safety Helmet:

The industrial safety helmet is the first line of defense against head injuries while working in construction sites, manufacturing units, industries, and more. Safety helmet, such as welding helmets, is necessary to wear during welding works to provide complete head protection from metal pieces that can cause serious head injuries. We are here to offer you a wide range of industrial safety helmet at a reasonable rate. The welding helmet price provided at our safety price is the cheapest in the market. The industrial safety helmet provides head protection against falling appliances, colliding with the low roods, falls, and trips. A strong and durable industrial helmet protects your brain from several brain injuries. If you are looking for the best safety helmet price in the market, then consider buying it from our online safety shop as we offer a competitive price in the market. If there is an unavailability of any type of industrial helmet, then we can make one for you by considering your requirements.

Safety Reflective Jacket:

The safety jackets are best fit for factories and constructional sites as they are shock-resistance and provide complete visibility. You may get the safety reflective jackets in different colors such as safety jacket green color, black, and many more. The safety jackets even offer protection from extreme weather scenarios also. If you wish to buy a safety reflective jacket, then don’t forget to compare the safety jacket price online. The safety jacket price offered here is cheapest, and we even guarantee that the products listed here are of the most exceptional quality.

Apart from all these products mentioned above, we have many other safety items. The products include face protection and body protection from different injuries caused by chemical, metal, or electrical hazards such as full body harness, eye wash station, breathing apparatus, protective eyewear, safety showers, etc. We mostly deal with fire safety equipment, and we have all the necessary fire safety products that are essential in fire emergencies. You can explore our online safety shop to get the required product. Our products are regularly updated according to the needs and demands of the market.

Fire Safety Equipment Catalogue

When it comes to fire safety, being prepared can help to win half of the battle. The most important part of being prepared is to keep all the fire protection equipment ready during emergencies. Doing so will provide peace of mind to the workers in the industry. We have a full range of fire and safety equipment available at our online shop. If you are looking for the best fire safety products, then place your order here, and the product will be dispatched to your address within a few moments of placing your order. We have the most extensive range of fire and safety equipment in India, and we even deal with wholesale. We have most of the products in stock so that we can give the product to our customers within minimum time. If you order in bulk, then you may get a massive discount on your purchase. The range of fire protection equipment is continuously growing on our online platform with the addition of new innovative products.

Some standard and popular fire protection equipment includes:

  1. Fire Extinguisher
    • ABC Type Fire Extinguisher
    • CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher
    • Foam Type Fire Extinguisher
  2. Fire Blanket
  3. Fire Safety Signs (Fire Signage)
  4. Fire Extinguishing Balls
  5. Fire Hose Cabinet
  6. Fire Fighting Suit
  7. Fire Scape Safety Ladder

Apart from that, we have all the necessary fire safety equipment available at our online shop at an incredible rate. Whether you are looking for a fire blanket price or fire extinguisher price, you will get the cheapest price here. Now, let’s discuss the most critical equipment of fire safety.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an active fire safety device used to control small fires in emergencies. However, it is not suitable if the fire is out of control that requires the help of a fire brigade. Fire extinguisher comes in different types according to the fire type. We have all the types of fire extinguishers available at our online safety shop. You can choose the one according to your requirement and work type. Some popular kinds of fire extinguisher available here are:

  1. Water and Foam Fire Extinguisher: The water and foam type fire extinguisher control the fire by taking the heating element of the fire. The foam agents present in the foam fire extinguisher helps to separate the oxygen element from the fire elements. The foam extinguishers are useful for Class A fire type and not Class B and Class C. If you want to buy a water and foam type fire extinguisher, then place your order, and the product will be delivered to you in the meantime.
  2. CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher: Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher controls fire by removing the oxygen element from the fire element and also eliminates the heat with a cold discharge. The CO2 type fire extinguisher is useful in the case of Class B and Class C fire. However, the CO2 extinguisher is not effective in the case of Class A fires. You can buy carbon dioxide fire extinguisher online from our safety shop at an optimal price.
  3. Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher: This type of fire extinguisher controls the fire by intruding chemical reaction of the fire. It is the most widely used fire extinguisher, which is useful in Class A, B, and C types of fire. It creates a barrier between the fuel element and the oxygen element in the case of Class A fire. However, an ordinary dry chemical fire extinguisher is used in the case of Class B and C fires only. So, make sure you are using the correct type of dry chemical fire extinguisher for the type of fuel. Using the wrong type can lead to the re-ignition of fire.
  4. Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher: A wet chemical fire extinguisher controls the fire by removing the heat of the fire and creating a barrier between fuel and oxygen elements. The wet chemicals of class K type fire extinguisher were designed for modern, high efficiency deep fat fryers in commercial cooking processes. Some types of wet chemical fire extinguishers can also be used to control Class A fire in commercial kitchens.
  5. Cleaning Agent Fire Extinguisher: The cleaning agent fire extinguisher, also known as halon extinguisher, consists of halon agents along with the latest and less ozone-depleting halocarbons agents. They control the fire by removing the heat of the fire and blocking the chemical reactions. The halon extinguisher or clean agent fire extinguisher is effective on all classes of fire, including Class A, B, and C. The smaller size clean agent fire extinguisher could not get 1A rating. It carries only Class B and C ratings.
  6. Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher: The dry powder fire extinguisher is the same as that of dry chemical fire extinguisher, but there is an exception. They control the fire by removing fuel components from the oxygen components or eliminates heat components from the fire. The dry powder fire extinguisher is designed for class D fire or inflammable metal fire and not effective on all the other classes of fire. They are the most suitable extinguisher for metal fire.
  7. Water Mist Fire Extinguisher: The water mist fire extinguisher is the latest addition to the extinguisher types, and it controls the fire by eliminating the heat component of the fire. Fire water extinguisher can be used as a substitute for a clean agent fire extinguisher, where the impurity is a worry. The water mist fire extinguisher is mostly used for Class A fires, although they can also be used for Class A fires as well.

Adding a fire extinguisher in the industrial working environment is a necessary thing, but aftercare is also important. So, don’t forget to call the maintenance professional at regular time intervals. We also deal in fire extinguisher sings, and you may get all the types of fire extinguisher signs on our safety shop. Along with all the above types of fire extinguishers, we also have a fire extinguisher for electrical fire. Other types of fire extinguishers include a car fire extinguisher, dcp extinguisher, and many more. We are among the top fire extinguisher suppliers, and we are supplying all the fire safety products to the industries for many years. Now, we have come to the online business so that we can reach more customers and compete with the other top fire extinguisher companies online. We are among those fire extinguisher dealers who offer the most excellent quality products at a reasonable price. Apart from that, you can also contact us for fire extinguisher stand and other fire safety solutions. We deal with every type of fire safety material, and we are known for our quality.

Our Vision:

Our primary aim is to provide our customers with the best quality industrial safety devices. The products include eye protection glasses, industrial safety helmet, safety hand gloves, safety jackets, eyewash, fall arrester, self contained breathing apparatus ear protectors, lab apron, safety cap, safety ladder, and more. We majorly deal with fire safety equipment, including fire extinguisher, fire safety signs (fire signage), fire blanket, fire hose cabinet, fire extinguishing ball, fire fighting suit, fire escape safety ladder, etc. We want to be the best safety solutions provider in the world, and we will continue working in the same direction until we reach our goal. We will become a key stakeholder in fall protection and fire prevention in the market. We are achieving our milestones by working day and night, and soon we will become one of the best safety tools companies in the world. We have already made our name among the top fire extinguisher dealers and now working hard in other business verticals to be the best in the field of industrial safety.

Why Choose Us?

You may find a lot of companies offering safety gear in the market. But here, we are confident in our products, and we want to put your trust in us for one time. We assure you that you will not feel cheated once you try our safety tools. All the products available on our online safety store are priced in your budget. Regardless of whether you are a global organization or a small business, we make sure that the safety devices offered here are offered at the best possible price.

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Our safety shop is the ideal place to get your favourite safety product. Place your order here and get your safety kit in the minimum possible time through our super-fast delivery.

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