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The Big Value Shop tries its best to take care of customer satisfaction, and with this motive, we have initiated basic Ayurvedic online consultations. If you are agonized with any medical condition and know the medications to take or any other product, you can place an order from our website, and if you don’t know about the same, you can consider connecting with us on call. We can provide basic information and consultations regarding your illness with the help of details or reports, if any. But this information cannot be considered a professional medical advice. We can even suggest medications by consulting Ayurvedic Practitioners if there is a need for the same.

However, if you want an Ayurvedic doctor consultation regarding your illness, we can arrange that as well for free or a nominal fee. The Ayurvedic online consultation is an online session where you can ask about the solutions to your problems. It is a good opportunity for you to take healthcare advice from our company as it declines the geographical boundaries; even if you are somewhere across the globe, it is easy for you to take a consultation session. We can provide you with a authentic solution to your problem. Please feel free to contact us for an online ayurvedic doctor consultation; we will try our best to give you a satisfactory solution.

While surfing the website, you will get to know that we also provide products from reputed brands like Patanjali, Himalaya, Dabur, Dhootapapeshwar, Unjha, Baidyanath, etc. Therefore, their is not a chance for you to worry about the quality of the products as there are no risks involved.


Ayurveda is an alternative medicine system. If you look into the meaning of Ayurveda, it means the knowledge of life. It is the way for an individual to procure the proficiency and skills to live a healthy life. Ayurveda is the method that two-thirds of India’s rural population, 70 percent of the population, follows and uses for their primary health care needs.

It is said that Ayurveda was introduced in India around 3000 years ago, and Charaka made a significant contribution to Ayurveda. He wrote Charak Samhita, one of the foundational texts of Ayurveda. People still follow Charak Ayurveda. Adopting Ayurveda will not only benefit you with your problems, but it will provide solutions for optimal health and a solution that will stop the problem or illness from its root cause. When we talk about the 21st century, it is evident that people nowadays are stressed, that sometimes leads to anxiety. Ayurvedic healings and Ayurvedic medicines help in reducing stress levels and relaxation. Therefore, it is believed that Ayurveda is a holistic approach to curing a disease, as it focuses on balancing the soul, mind, and body


Herbal treatments generally include herbs, plant extracts, roots, etc. Herbalist believes in healing a problem through Herbal plants, Herbal medicines, and Herbal remedies. Herbalists are general people who follow and practice herbal methods to cure as there is no official degree to become a Herbalist.

The common treatments under Herbalism are Bath salt, Oils, Ointments, creams, and Teas. On the other hand, Ayurveda includes herbs, roots, plant extracts, and other elements like gold and silver that make Ayurvedic Medicine more effective. Ayurvedic doctors are qualified professionals with a degree. Ayurveda is a broad spectrum with solutions to many illnesses and diseases. Please visit our website as we do have Ayurvedic Medicine to promote the Ayurvedic healings available on our website.


Traditional Chinese Medicine was advanced thousands of years ago, just like Ayurveda. It is traditional medicine and traditional healing method from china that focuses on the root cause of the problem using Chinese herbs and therepies. Traditional Chinese medicine includes acupuncture therepy for folk healing.

Still, certain additions in the process of manufacturing the medication make them harmful and contaminated. Toxic compounds like pesticides, heavy metals, and microorganisms increase the chances of severe side effects. Also, manufacturing errors like replacing one herb with another can cause severe allergic reactions. On the other hand, Ayurveda provides the minimal risk of side effects and assures the guarantee of being natural and healthy. More examples of natural alternative medicine are ,tibetan medicine, african herbalism, traditional korean medicine etc.


The coronavirus outbreak reminded people worldwide that taking good care of their immune systems is crucial. While effective medicines were indispensable in fighting the dangerous virus, we forgot that the solution lies within ourselves. Ayurveda is an alternative to artificial medicine. Although it was discovered 3000 years ago, it is coming into trend again.

The world economic forum also mentioned that it is essential to have a robust immune system to fight the covid 19 virus. Ayurveda demands a balance between your mind, body, and soul. The Ayurvedic approach goes beyond the curative way of medication, unlike Allopathy. This approach focuses on the individualistic approach, focusing on disease and removing it from its principal factor. Ayurveda is not limited to NCDs (Non- communicable and chronic diseases) like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and more but will also help you manage weight. Moreover, Ayurvedic remedies are now readily available in the form of Ayurvedic tablets, Ayurvedic cough syrups, Ayurvedic multivitamins, Ayurvedic pain killers, Ayurvedic ointments, etc., making Ayurvedic Medicine easy to use.

Research has suggested that the traditional diet method and intervention of Ayurveda in one’s life can reduce the chances of being sick and the chances of disease severity also become less. This is the reason why people are going health conscious and trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle by following the path of Ayurveda.


  • PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a problem that happens to a woman, mostly in her reproductive years. The real reason behind this syndrome is not apparent yet, but it may involve a imbalance in genetic and environmental factors. Due to Polycystic ovary syndrome, a person feels extreme variation in their menstrual cycle, excess hair growth, acne, and obesity. It also increases the level of hormones in the body. There is no specific medicine for PCOS in Allopathy, but in Ayurveda, with the mixture of ayurvedic herbs, you can control your menstrual irregularity with minimal side effects. One should considerably go for the natural method to cure PCOS. Tulsi is an Ayurvedic plant with antioxidant properties, making it an Ayurvedic detox. Basil is considered the easiest and most effective way to control PCOS. Brands like Patanjali Ayurveda manufacture products for PCOS that are also available on our website.


Uric acid is a waste product that liquefy in the blood, passes through the kidney, and leaves the body through urine. Food rich in purines can increase the rate of uric acid in the body. Rise in uric acid levels can lead to joint pain and arthritis. Arthritis treatment in Ayurveda is very prevalent. To control Uric acid, one should regularise the intake of Neem and Giloy.

Neem and Giloy are the most commonly used Ayurvedic herbs that help control the rise in Uric acid due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Ayurvedic medicines for Uric acid is available on our website.


Fatty liver happens when the level of fat increases in the liver. Major risk factors for fatty liver are obesity or even type 2 diabetes. Ayurveda for fatty liver has Ayurvedic medicines that include ingredients like ginger. Ginger works as an Ayurvedic herb with properties that removes the chances of liver inflammation. Therefore, intake of ginger might help you with your liver fatty problem.

There are hundreds of treatments available in Ayurveda. Here, we have listed a few for your reference.

For more details or consultations, you can connect with our company and visit our website for products related to Ayurveda and more. The top Ayurvedic companies are available on our website. Patanjali, Dabur, and Himalaya are such companies that are renowned all over the world; we deal with and deliver the products of these brands all around the globe. You can order ayurvedic medicine online from our website. In addition, you can also connect with us on a call regarding your needs for Ayurvedic consultations.

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