About Us

India is an engrossing and fascinating country of different colors, ethnicity, passion, and traditions. Indian customers demonstrate a variety of choices and perspectives over the fashions, sports, and almost everything. To fulfill these needs, Big Value Shop has taken a step ahead of conventional ecommerce where customers don’t need to wait for sales & discounts. All the products listed on this platform are at their best prices.

What we really do?

We believe in a sustainable & fair future of the customers where they can rely on us to fulfill their needs. We collect most of the items from the manufacturing companies after performing the quality check and then sell them through this platform. Thus, saving on the extra cost. At this platform, you will pay the actual value of your product. Browse all Big Value Shop’s page to get the desired high-quality items at a reasonable price.

Our Vision

Big Value Shop’s Concept & Vision is very simple. We believe in making a frictionless and reliable ecosystem that creates a dynamic & life-changing experience for the sellers & buyers both. Just Fill up your cart with one click and place your order, it will be at your doorstep. We have the trending & latest collections of top brands. Apart from these, brands which are not easily available at your nearby stores or online will be showcased at Big Value Shop.

History of the Company

We had observed that there are lots of e-commerce sites that sell Thousands & Lakhs of products online. But unfortunately, hardly they take responsibility for the quality of a product. It’s so because many online shops offer vendors to sell their products directly to the customers without notifying the quality. That’s what made us to take a stand for the customers. Before listing or selling any product, we go through the quality check procedure so that our customers could get high-quality products.

Cooperate with Us!

We invite like-minded vendors who are genuinely interested to work together & sell products through Big Value Shop. It means, the vendors can increase their sales, boost-up conversion rates, while improving the buyer’s experience. We strongly believe that customer is the king and so should be treated. To sell your product, contact us NOW!