Coronation Vapour Machine | Steam Machine

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Coronation Vapour Machine | Steam Machine

  • Generic name: Vaporizer
  • Purpose: Cold and cough nose steam/beauty treatment
  • Sales Package: 1 Coronation All-in-One Vaporizer
  • Suitable for: Personal
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Output: 180-240v
  • Waterless: No
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Coronation Vapour Machine | Steam Machine

Most of us sometimes catch cold or cough, leading to sneezing, allergy, blocked nose, or throat pain. Coronation All-In-One Vaporizer is one of the great steam/vapor machines that helps you to get rid of cough and cold. It produces a considerable amount of hot steam, which is ideal for treating cold and cough. This multipurpose steam vaporizer is also suitable for treating throat infection, aromatherapy, respiratory ailments therapy, asthma, arthritis, and hay fever. People also do use this coronation All-In-One Vaporizer for beauty purposes. It helps to glow the skin within a couple of minutes, cleans pores, and softens skin. Buy Coronation All-In-One Vaporizer online in India at its best price from Big Value Shop now. This product is beneficial for men and women both who want to keep their face clean and soft or who are suffering from respiratory diseases. Coronation All-in-One Vaporizer costs you a little at Big Value Shop; otherwise, the price of a high-quality steam machine is usually high. This handy vaporizer is made of quality high-plastic, making it durable. It comes with a mouth and nose attachment for steam inhalation.

Key Features of Coronation All-in-One Vaporizer:

  • A-Grade quality Streamer
  • Suitable for Facial Treatment and Respiratory Ailments
  • Makes more vapor in less water
  • It consists of 1base and 3 attachments
  • Helps to remove skin pores, soften skins
  • Useful for reducing cough and cold and treating throat infection.

Instructions to use Coronation-All-in-One Vaporizer:

  1. Use fresh tap-water (avoid RO water) as per the min and max indicator level.
  2. Attach the top attachment and plug in the switch
  3. Let the Coronation All-in-One Vaporizer produce hot steam.
  4. Inhale the steam or use it on the face as per requirement (inhale/use the amount of vapor as directed by the physician)
  5. Make sure you turn-off the vaporizer after use.

NOTE: Read the manual instructions for the best use of Coronation All-In-One Vaporizer


  • Donโ€™t use filter/RO water
  • Keep the vaporizer straight while in use.
  • For indoor use only.
  • Use only in the supervision of an adult
  • Keep the vaporizer dry after use
  • Donโ€™t add any ointment to increase the vapor pressure.
  • Please keep it away from children
  • Use only with 220-240V AC supply
  • Donโ€™t remove or add water when the vaporizer is ON.

Though the Coronation All-In-One Vaporizer price is low at Big Value Shop, but the quality and performance are high yet outstanding. Grab this useful steam machine at a reasonable price now.

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  1. Sabiha Khan

    Best Steam Inhaler Vaporizer at such price.

    Sabiha Khan