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Cricket is a sport which is not the national game of India but it is the most famous sport among Indian people. The craze of cricket is from the very beginning but the craze has been multiplied when the T20 format comes into existence. For those people who know nothing about cricket, we are going to give a small brief on this sport. Don’t worry, we are not defining the history and origin of cricket, just a simple description.

Cricket is a game of bat and ball in which two teams participate and each team consists of 11 players. The field is 22 yards in length consisting of 3 wickets at both the ends with 2 bails that are placed above the stumps. The players are assigned different roles; the batsman has to hit the ball using a bat which is being bowled on the wicket from the bowler. The bowler and fielders try to stop the bowl and dismiss the batsman. The term used to refer to this dismissal is “out.” There are several ways through which this dismissal can be attempted in cricket. One of those methods is getting bowled. This happens when the ball strikes the wickets directly when the batsman fails to connect it with the bat. A batsman can be dismissed if the fielder catches the ball after the batsman hits it before the ball touches the ground. The innings will come to an end when the 10 batsmen among the 11 will be dismissed in either way and the second team will get a chance to bat.

Cricket is played in different formats and the most famous one nowadays is T20 cricket which is played only for a few hours and each team bats for 20 overs. This was a small synopsis of cricket and now we will move to the point of playing it. To play cricket, you have to purchase all the equipment required to play the game, and that time you start thinking of “cricket store near me.” There is no need to think of “cricket shop near me” as you can browse through various cricket stores online.

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