Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated Boxes (also called Carton Boxes or Cardboard boxes) are nothing but kraft paper boxes that contains fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards. Are you finding a corrugated box to wrap your fragile products in one go? Then, your hunt for the corrugated box ends here. Buy corrugated boxes online in India from us at a reasonable price. You may find it hard to purchase the right corrugated box available in the market. There are lots of corrugated carton boxes available in the market which have different built quality. But at Big Value Shop, all the corrugated paper sheets or boxes available here are of high-quality. All the packing cardboard boxes we sell are made of high-grade kraft liners that promise to give high bursting strength, maximum strength-to-weight ratio, and maximum cushioning.

Cardboard packing boxes are suitable for your household items to keep them together and send them from one place to another. Corrugated boxes are very vital and are mostly used for fragile goods as they deliver the required protection when moving to another residence or place. The plain and printed corrugated boxes we sell are crush resistant and can be crammed inside a storeroom deprived of inviting physical damages. Through our top-quality corrugated paper sheets and boxes, we provide the best cardboard packaging solutions to our customers. There are many cardboard box manufacturers available in the market. But it is always a challenging job to find the right quality of corrugated boxes from these manufacturers. That’s why, before listing our products, we do quality checks. In addition to this, we deal with only top-rated corrugated carton box manufacturers to ensure you get the best product from us. This dynamic approach for dealing with corrugated box manufacturers makes us unique and significant. Look for the carton box shop near me. You will obtain us on the top of the list selling high-quality corrugated boxes online.

Carton boxes are suitable to hold and are around 20% stronger than ordinary boxes we get in the market. Therefore, you don’t have to concern about the safety of your goods when you’re choosing a high-quality corrugated box from Big Value Shop. Our packing cardboard boxes work at their best when it comes to storing or moving medium or large-sized objects from one place to another. Big Value Shop is the right place to buy corrugated boxes online in India at reasonable rates. Whether you want to move around goods in supermarkets, warehouses, and or in offices, corrugated boxes are always perfect. Stop searching cardboard box manufacturer near me on your internet and start exploring Big Value Shop for the best-quality carton boxes for packing your goods. We are the one-stop solution for your wrapping household items.

What are The Types of Corrugated Boxes?

You may have got the idea about corrugated boxes or carton boxes. Now, let us understand what the types of cardboard packing boxes / corrugated packing boxes used by different industries or householders are. You can find all these mentioned cardboard packing boxes and sheets in our store. We have a lot of varieties in corrugated carton boxes for packing your office items, household items, and shipping items.

Single Wall Corrugated Box:

It is a single-wall box made of an outer and inner liner that surrounds with one flute layer. These kinds of packing carboard boxes are ideal for lightweight supplies and are preferably used by house owners and online business companies. This kind of corrugated box includes a single flute which is glued to the liner board. If you’re in the hunt for this kind of corrugated or cardboard boxes, then Big Value Shop is the right place to choose from. We sell plain and printed cardboard boxes at wholesale rates. Single Wall Corrugated boxes are cost-effective, and they will offer you protection to your small goods during transit. Look for the cardboard boxes small size available on our store and make it yours.

Single-phase corrugated paper sheets:

These are the corrugated paper sheets available in roll form. Single-Phase Corrugated paper sheets are widely used to wrap around the heavy or large products that can’t be fit into boxes. It is one of the best wrapping materials that provide better cushioning and protection to fragile products. We have a wide range of corrugated paper sheets for you. You can use these corrugated paper sheets as per your requirement. If you are an online seller or manufacturer, then these corrugated paper sheets will be the option for you to purchase.

Double Wall Corrugated Box:

These kinds of corrugated carton boxes consist of a double-layered corrugated medium glued between 3-layers of Linerboard. You can say it made of one inner liner, two outer liners, two fluted corrugating papers. The additional fluted corrugating paper and two outer liners in the double-wall corrugated box provides more cushioning and protection than the single-wall corrugated carton box. If the goods are expensive or bulky in weight, a double-wall corrugated box is the best option to purchase. Get the double-wall plain and printed corrugated box online from our store at a fantastic price. These cardboard packing boxes are durable and provide excellent protection to the goods even when they are kept for a longer time. When you search on the internet for ‘corrugated boxes near me,’ then you will find us on the top of your search engine offering a top-quality corrugated carton box at a reasonable price. Our single and double wall corrugated box prices are inexpensive, and anyone can afford it.

Triple Wall Corrugated Box:

This is the strongest of all types of corrugated boxes available in the market. It consists of 3-layer corrugated medium and 4-layer of linerboards. If you’re a manufacturer of the heavy equipment industry, then buying a triple-wall corrugated carton box for packing is the best option.

We deal with the best corrugated box manufacturer to sell top-quality corrugated boxes. Therefore, you need not to search online for ‘best corrugated box manufacturer near me.’ Simply explore Big Value Shop to get the carton box for packing your essentials in one just one package. However, you can search for the ‘carton box supplier near me’ as we are one of the best carton box suppliers in the market.

Importance and Advantage of Corrugated Box:

Corrugated boxes are always the best option to purchase. Anyone who is shifting to a different place needs carton boxes for packing their essential goods and travelling with them. There are lots of benefits to buy carton boxes.

Maximum Protection:

Corrugated paper sheets and boxes are pretty much stronger and convenient than any ordinary boxes. Cardboard packing boxes give maximum protection to your vital goods against damage during transit. It also helps to protect your items against moisture and bacteria. You can purchase the cardboard packaging boxes of a single wall, double wall, or sheet one to protect your goods. If your household items are small, you can look for cardboard boxes small size. If the items are a little bit heavy, then you can go for the medium size. Depending on the size of your stuff, you can buy carton box. We have a wide range of cardboard box packaging in terms of size.

Easy Customization:

The best part of custom cardboard box packaging is that it is easy to customize. As per your need, you can customize these cardboard packing boxes.

Can be used for Branding:

 If you are a businessman running an industry, then buying a corrugated box for branding is the best option. It can be customized to help you with your corporation’s brand awareness and branding. Search for the carton box near me on your internet. You will find us as one of the top-rated carton box suppliers available online.


Carton Box price is economical. This is because the packing carton box doesn’t require huge labor to manufacture. However, some carton box suppliers can charge you a high rate for their ordinary packing carton boxes. That’s why you must have searched for the best carton price available in the market. If you’re looking for a top-quality carton box for packing your vital goods at a cheap price, then explore Big Value Shop. Our Corrugated box price is eco-friendly and easy on the pocket. We charge only for the quality. We bring corrugated box online for you directly from the top-rated corrugated box manufacturers. This method helps us to keep the carton box price reasonable.

Biodegradable & reusable:

Cardboard Sheeting and boxes are made of 70-90% recycled material, making it one of the most environment-friendly wrapping items available in the market. You can easily dispose of your cardboard sheeting or box if you don’t require anymore. Carton box manufacturers don’t use excess dyes or bleaches to keep the cardboard packaging boxes eco-friendly. Carton boxes are also reusable, and thus, you can reuse it as long as you can to save your money.

Gives Flexibility:

Corrugated boxes give you the flexibility to wrap maximum goods with an outstanding level of protection. The cardboard box manufacturers make corrugated boxes in a wide variety of sizes and in different types for protecting your goods adequately. It also lets you pack a lot of various goods, making them one of the most flexible wrapping options in the market today. With the help of corrugated boxes, you can wrap your household items like painting, clothes, electronic items, office items, and even your furniture and cupboard.

There are lots of benefits of using corrugated boxes apart from the things mentioned above. You don’t require searching for the best carton box manufacturer near me online. Big Value Shop is the online platform where only top-quality packing cardboard boxes are listed. We bring to you the cardboard packing boxes directly from the cardboard box manufacturers. Get the cardboard boxes at wholesale rate from our store.

Buy Corrugated Boxes Online from Big Value Shop:

You might have searched for the best carton box supplier by writing “carton box manufacturer near me” or “Carton box supplier near me” on the internet, and you might have got confused after looking at so many options. Isn’t it? You may have thought about the quality and price of the packing cardboard boxes for at least once. If so, let us clear your doubts and explain that Big Value Shop is an online platform that sells only quality products at their best prices.

There are so many reasons to buy corrugated boxes online from Big Value Shop. We always try to keep the carton box price budget-friendly so that everyone can afford it. You can also order cardboard box packaging from our store in bulk. Remember that buying cardboard boxes at a wholesale rate means you are saving a lot. The range of packing carton boxes available in our store showcases our abilities. Customers selecting Big Value Shop for the carton box for packing their stuff are indirectly purchasing it from the cardboard box manufacturer. It means they will benefit from efficient processes, high-quality commitments, and agile developments in carton boxes.

The packing carton boxes we sell are highly durable, crush resistance, 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Big Value Shop endeavors to be the one-stop source for all your freight carton needs.

When you buy corrugated boxes online from Big Value Shop, you will never run out of our available sizes. We have a massive stock of carton boxes. You can also get in touch with us for the printed carton boxes.

Big Value Shop believes in selling quality products only. Before taking the carton box from the carton box manufacturers, we perform a quality check procedure. If the quality of cardboard box packaging is not up so well or doesn’t follow our rules, we directly send it back to manufacturers without listing it on the store. Once the packing cartons pass through the quality-check process, then it is listed on our store for the customers. We are one of the best carton box suppliers that sell lots of varieties in the corrugated box online. Visit Big Value Shop and purchase the best quality corrugated box online at a reasonable rate now.

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