Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 20th January 2020.

“This manuscript is electronic evidence in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules thereunder as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is made by a computer system and does not need any digital or physical signatures.”


If you’re using this website, tools, or service, you’re agreeing to the following “Terms of Use” as valid to the Website comprising the pertinent policies which are united in this by the way of recommendation. If you conduct on the Website, you will be susceptible to the policies that are relevant to the Website for such a deal. By using this site, you’re committing with Big Value Shop and these ‘terms & conditions’ including the policies that represent your binding commitments with Big Value Shop.


Eligibility for membership:

Membership service is strictly prohibited for the minor who is below the age of 18 (eighteen) or to any buyer/seller who is removed or suspended from the Big Value Shop due to any specific reason(s). If you’re eliminated in accordance with the earlier sentences, you may not be allowed to use or avail this site. Make sure you’re of legal age to form a ‘binding contracts (under the Indian Contract Act, 1872),’ incompetent to contract are allowed to take the benefit of membership or to use this site. If you’re a ‘minor’ and want to transact or use this site, please take the help of your parents or guardian to make transaction or use. Big Value Shop can any time dismiss your membership or refuse to use this website if you’re found of under 18 or misbehaving with this Site.

Services & payment related information:


This site is an online platform in the form of an online shopping place and a mediator that (a) gives an online platform for users (sellers) to exhibit, sell, and advertise their products to the other users (customers/buyers), (b) a place for buyers/customers to buy the product of the seller and make payments to those, (c) services under business to ease the visits of sellers and buyers on the site, and (d) some other services that are ancillary and incidental. The services are precisely given to the buyers & sellers via several modes which may conclude vouchers and coupons that can be used for many products.


Currently, Big Value Shop does not charge any fee for using this Website. Big Value Shop may levy some fees for the use of the service and site altogether, or several features of the Services / Website. You consent to pay for such charges that might be relevant to the Services that you take. Big Value Shop will seek to confirm that you’re aware of the relevance of any payments for certain use of the Services / Website, also the amount of charges billed by you for such use of the Services / Website. You admit that Big Value Shop may modify, charge, or relinquish fees at any time. Your constant use of the Services / Website after such modification or change in the levies will be considered to be Your approval of such modification, alterations, and the relevance of these ‘Terms of Use’ to such alterations.

You admit for giving accurate and correct financial detail, like debit/credit card details to the official ‘payment gateway’ or prepaid payment device account data to avail services on the site. You should not use the prepaid payment account or debit/credit card which is not legally owned by you. You should use your own prepaid payment device or debit/credit card. The details given by you will not be shared or utilized with any 3rd party unless compulsory regarding scam confirmations or by regulation, law or court order or according to the ‘terms’ of the ‘Privacy Policy.’ You’re only accountable for the confidentiality and security of your pre-paid payment device account or debit/credit card details. Big Value Shop specifically denies all obligations that may ascend as a result of any illegal use of your prepaid payment device account or credit/ debit card. Big Value shop never keeps the details of credit/debit card of any customer/user. Credit/debit card details are directly entered into the payment gateway by the user/customer. We have only tied up with the ‘Payment Gateways’ to provide you a secured payment option, but not to collect any debit/credit card details of any user/customer.

Big Value Shop may have user-friendly arrangements with its ‘banks,’ on the subject of restrictions on the amounts you can receive (for sellers) or pay (for buyers) in the order of a sale transaction. Big Value Shop would make sure that you’re aware of such restrictions if they are related to you. Although, Big Value Shop may be under no obligation whatever with regard to any damage or lose ascending indirectly or directly beyond the decline of approval for any payment, on account of cardholder/you having surpassed the planned restriction communally agreed by Big Value Shop with its bank from every now and then.

For doing payments to buy the Product on the site, along with the Contract(s), the terms & conditions of your valid financial organization, bank, or/and card issuing alliance may also be valid for you. Your financial organization, bank, or card issuing organization may prevent or decline you from making online payments in order to buy products through this site and Big Value Shop does not govern the same and will not be accountable for the same.

Payment Facility: Every now and then, Big Value Shop may contract with 3rd party PSPs (payment service providers) along with banks despite opening ‘nodal bank’ account under valid Indian laws, for the compilation of Big Value Shop’s charges and other fees, and to ease the payment among sellers and buyers, and Us. These 3rd party PSPs may consider payment aggregators, 3rd party credit card or banking payment gateways, prepaid devices, mobile payment service providers, pay order/demand draft on delivery service providers or cash on delivery, or via any other service as may be sanctioned by the RBI for refund, collection, transfer. Big Value Shop may begin the transfer of payments done by you for your acquisition orders on the site after the products being sent to you and the transaction date completions may be done after the Products being sent to You and such other extra time as may be decided among sellers and Big Value Shop.

Account Password & security:

You may use and access the Services and Website as a Guest User or Registered user. But remember, all parts of the services and website may not be operated by the guest users.

Guest users: The Website also permits limited accessibility for the Guest Users. Such users may be capable of browsing the site and using the services in order to buy products and place orders. Although, you might not be given some specific benefits while accessing as a Guest user. Benefits may change every now and then.

Registered users: Big Value Shop creates specific segments of the facilities(services) offered to you via the site only if you’ve given specific compulsory User data and made an account and a Big Value Shop ID via precise login ID and password.

After registering an account for the Big Value Shop in order to use or access this site and services, you will only be accountable for upholding the security and confidentiality of the Account details and are completely accountable for all actions that happen under your Account. You consent to (a) instantly inform Big Value Shop if any security breach or any illegal use of your Account details happens, and (b) confirm that you no longer log in to your account at the completion of each session. Big value Shop will not and can’t be accountable for any damage or loss ascending from your failure to obey this segment. You might be held accountable for the damages or losses suffered by Big Value Shop or any other visitor or user to the site because of the illegal or legal use of your account by means of your failure in retaining your Account confidential and security.

You should make sure that the login details given by you in the site’s registration form are accurate, complete, and updated time to time. Use of another user’s account details in order to avail the services is specifically forbidden. If you give any detail that is inaccurate, untrue, incomplete, or not current, or Big Value shop has logical bases to identify that such detail is inaccurate, untrue, incomplete, or not current, Big Value has the freedom or right to terminate or suspend your account and deny the use of Services / Website (or any part thereof).

Relying on whether you’re a buyer or seller or another person who wants to use or access the site, you might be needed to give specific personal details and Big Value Shop can gather some specific personal details. Your delivery of, and Big Value Shop’s storage, collection, disclosure, use, and else exchanging of such personal details will be functioned by Big Value Shop’s ‘privacy policy.’

Big Value shop’s role and User Commitments:

Dependent on fulfillment with the Treaty(s), Big Value Shop permits you a non-sub-licensable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, and revocable right to use and access this site and the services included in.

You agree to access and use the Website, Services, and the Content only for reasons that are acceptable by (a) the Contract(s) (as well as these “Terms of Use”), and (b) any valid law.

You admit following all the dissemination and limitations, reproduction and use of anything (like the Product lists) that your access on the site according to the clause “content use.”

You agree for not accessing the Services or site by any way other than via the interfaces given by Big Value Shop. You may not access or use any robot, deep-link, spider or other programs, automatic device, methodology, or algorithm, or any equivalent or similar manual procedure, to acquire, access, monitor, or copy any part of the content or site in anyhow replicate or avoid the navigational presentation or structure of the site, to attempt or obtain any documents, materials, or detail via anyway not exactly made obtainable through the site.

If you think that any content present on the site does not obey the Agreement(s) terms or valid law, you can report such content under the clause “Report Take Down & Abuse Policy.”

The site can permit you to post some data or content of your own like permitting you to, post your comments, rate seller, Products, and reviews regarding Products on particular site pages, along with submit any comments, suggestions, questions or other details to Big Value Shop by means of the Services / Website. You will be accountable for the User Content that you publish, post, upload, transmit or else make available on the site. You denote that you have made all applicable agreements and permission despite posting any Content. You also denote that all Content will be according to valid law. You admit that Big Value Shop does not support any User Content on the site and is not accountable for such Content of the user. Big Value Shop keep the right to restrict access to the User Content on the site.

You allow Big Value Shop a worldwide, non-revocable, perpetual, sub-licensable, and royalty-free license and right to copy, use, display, distribute, make available, transmit, publish, adapt, modify, and reproduce the Content of user and make derivate works of it. You warrant and represent that you own or else control all of the rights to the Content of user that you provide or post via this site; and that: (i) the content of user is correct; (ii) use of the User Content you provide does not break these ‘Terms of Use’; and (iii) that such Content of user is lawful.

You understand, agree, and admit that the site is an online platform and mediator that gives an online venue where numerous users may meet and interact online with each other despite engaging in transact and commerce. You further acknowledge and agree that Big Value Shop is a mediator and can’t be or is not a party to take control over any exhibition, advertisement, proposal to sell or transactions of sale, making available, or Products purchased on the site. Big Value Shop is/may not be the Product Seller. Therefore, any agreement for the purchase/sale of Products is a split contract among seller and buyer. Big Value Shop neither acclaims you to sell or purchase any Products on the site nor does promote any such Products, and nor does give any warranties, guarantee, or assurance regarding the exhibition, advertisement, proposal to transactions of sale, making available, or purchase of Products on the site. Additionally, Big Value Shop doesn’t warranty, guarantee, or give any promise on the conduct of any user of this site including any warranty, guarantee, or promise that any seller/buyer will complete any act or transaction in a practical way.

When you use the Service or/and Website, you particularly accept not to display, host, upload, publish, modify, update, share, or transmit any content or information that:

  • Have its place in another being and to which the buyer/seller doesn’t have any right to;
  • is totally harassing, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, blasphemous, harmful, libelous, paedophilic, the offensive of another’s privacy, or racially, hateful, ethnically objectionable, encouraging or relating money gambling or laundering, disparaging, or else illegal in any means whatever;
  • trouble minors in anyhow;
  • imitate any entity or person, or misleadingly state or otherwise bias Your membership with an entity or person;
  • intimidates the integrity, unity, security, defense, or dominion of India, friendly relations with public order or foreign states or affects provocation to the commission of any recognizable crime or stops the investigation of any crime or is affronting of any other country;
  • trespasses any trademark, copyright, patent, or other registered rights;
  • Hold software bugs or any other computer files, code, or programs intended to interrupt limit or destroy the operation of any computer resource;
  • misleads or deceives the addressee about the source of such messages or conveys any detail which is totally menacing or offensive in nature;
  • involvement in any action that affects with or interrupts access to the Services or the site;
  • Try to get illegal access to any feature or segment of the site, any other networks or systems attached to the site, to Big Value Shop server, or to any of the Facilities delivered on or across the site, by password mining hacking, or any other unlawful way;
  • Scan, probe, or test the site susceptibility or any network attached to the site, nor break the authentication or security measures on the site or any network attached to the site. You may not reverse lookup, trace, or try to trace any detail on any other visitor or user to the site, or any other client of Big Value Shop, including any Big Value Shop account not owned by you, or misuse the Service or Website or detail offered or made available through or by the site, anyhow whether or not the point is to disclose any detail, but not restricted to private credential detail, other than Your own detail, as given for by the site;
  • Interfere or disrupt with the safety of, or else cause damage to the site, accounts, systems resources, servers, passwords, or networks linked to or accessible via the sites or any associated or connected websites;
  • use the content or site for any intention that is illegal or forbidden by the Contract, or to solicit the functioning of any illegal action or other action which trespasses the rights of Big Value Shop or other 3rd parties;
  • Delete or falsify any author legal, attributions, or other proprietary descriptions, proper notices or labels of the source or origin of software or other substances covered in a file that is downloaded;
  • disrupt any guidelines or code of conduct, which might be valid to or for any specific Service;
  • disrupt any valid law or regulation for the time being in force outside or within India;
  • disrupt the ‘terms of the consent/Agreement.’

You concur that you’re only accountable to Big Value Shop and to any 3rd party for any break of your Contracts under these ‘Terms of Use’ or other ‘Agreements’ and for the penalties for any such violation.

Big Value Shop doesn’t pre-screen the Content of the user. Big Value Shop has no responsibility to monitor any User Content. Although, Big Value Shop at its will or/and consistent with valid law can handle any User Content and can eliminate any ‘User Content’ from the site if Big Value Shop concludes in its sole decision that such content of user is in the destruction of these ‘Terms of Use’ or any valid law. Where Big Value Shop eliminates any ‘User Content’ from the site, it will make sensible exertions to notify the user who had listed such ‘User Content.’ Such activities don’t in manner dilute or negate Big Value Shop’s position as a mediator or execute any obligation on Big Value Shop regarding ‘User Content.’

You will only be accountable for upholding the internet connections, essential mobile/computer equipment, and other technologies and software that might be compulsory to use, transact, and access on the site. You may experience data or access dues from 3rd parties in joining with your use/purchase of the services. You’re accountable for all such dues.

You may access or use this site, and any coupons/vouchers bought through it, for non-commercial, personal use only and may not re-sell the same to any other people.

You may require to download updates that any 3rd party or we initiate from every now and then to use the Products, services, site including essential functionality, like patches, bug fixes, missing plug-ins, enhanced functions, and new versions. Your use of the site or products needs that you’ve admitted for accepting such automatically demanded Updates.

Any buying of the Product from the site will be severely for individual use. The buyer/seller hereby specifically admits that any Services or merchandise bought by them will not be resold, bartered, sold or anyhow utilized for any business means or for advantage. The buyer /seller hereby accepts that the Products bought aren’t transferrable to any 3rd party for gain. Likewise, Big Value Shop can any time cancel any orders that determine as “Bulk Order” as controlled by Big Value according to several criteria. Any benefits or rewards given by Big Value Shop and utilized by you in order to place the ‘Bulk Order’ will not be repaid. ‘Bulk Order’ classifies itself when it encounters some specific criteria adopted by Big Value Shop for the means of recognizing ‘Bulk Order’, but not restricted to:

  1. Many orders positioned for the same product at the same location;
  2. Products placed for business resale and not for self-consumption;
  3. Untrue address given in placement details; or ordered bulk quantity of the same product;
  4. Any misconduct used to order the product.

There might be specific orders that Big Value Shop is not able to pass or process on buyer’s order to the seller and should withdraw. Some conditions that may result in Big Value Shop’s failure to pass or process to the seller include, non-availability of the site service, without restriction, compel majeure, credit limits or distrusted fraud.

Just in case if any buyer buys many Products in one day or transaction, the Seller(s) may give each Product in different days or all together. If the buyer wants to get the delivery at the same address, then, the buyer could buy a product one at a time. If the buyer wants to get the Products to be placed at different addresses, then the buyer must buy those Products in separate transactions and provide discrete addresses for each transaction, if necessary. Buyer admits that the transfer of Products can be given to the individual who is available at the shipping address sent by You.

In some specific circumstances, where the buyer wants several product services like after-sales warranty or installation services, the buyer may directly get in touch with us or seller. Although, if the buyer contacts Big Value for the same, Big Value Shop may notify the manufacturer or seller to facilitate or give the delivery of such services to them. Big value shop will not be or is not compelled to give any such extra services. In this case, Big value shop’s role will be limited to enabling the message between seller and buyer for the means of providing such extra services.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The site and the procedures, and their arrangement and selections, comprising but not restricted to all user interfaces,  graphics, visual interfaces, text, music and sounds (if any), computer code and artwork (together, the “Content”) on the site is maintained and owned by Big Value Shop or its licensors and the structure, design, expression,  coordination, selection, look & feel and Content arrangement is shielded by patent, copyright, and trademark laws, trade secret and several other ‘intellectual property rights.’ By the use of this site, not at all any rights are expressly or impliedly permitted to You regarding such Content. Big Value Shop keeps the right to modify or change the Content from every now and then at its single discretion.

The logos, service marks, and trademarks shown on the site are the property of Big Value Shop or respective 3rd parties. No one is allowed to use the ‘Marks’ without the prior agreement of Big Value Shop or the 3rd party that may own the ‘Marks.’

Unless anything contained or indicated to the conflicting or any proprietary substance owned by a 3rd party and so specifically stated, Big Value Shop owns all ‘intellectual property rights’ to and into the brand “Big Value Shop”, and the site, comprising, without restriction, any and all title, rights, and attention to and in related rights, copyright, utility models, patents, designs, trade secrets, know-how, and creations (patent pending), source code, text, goodwill, content, databases, icons, meta tags, graphics, and hyperlinks.

Apart from as specifically given in this, you agree and acknowledge that you will not republish, translate, copy, display, post, transmit, distribute or reproduce any Content through any mode deprived of getting the compulsory approval from Big Value Shop.

Content Use:

Excluding as specifically implied to the conflicting in any valid extra Service terms, Big Value Shop hereby admits you a non-transferable, revocable, and non-exclusive right to download view and print product list present on site, conditional on the following circumstances:

  • You can use or access the product collections only for informational, personal, and internal reasons, according to these ‘Terms of Use’;
  • You might not alter or modify product lists present on the site;
  • You might not sell or distribute, lease, rent, license or else make the product catalogs obtainable on site available to others; and
  • You might not eliminate any copyright, text, or other registered notices covered in the product lists present on the site.

The rights permitted to you in the product lists or any other resources as stated above aren’t appropriate to the layout, design, or look and feel of the site. Such fundamentals of the site are shielded by ‘intellectual property rights’ and might not be imitated or copied in part or in whole.

Any software that is given on the site is the property of Big Value or its ‘retailers.’ You might not download use, or download any software present at the site unless specifically allowed by the ‘Agreement’ or by the explicit inscribed authorization of Big Value Shop.

3rd Party Content:

Overall 3rd party details like product description, specifications, product catalogs, and dealers lists, entertainment, reports on news, features, and technology, advertisements comprising images, videos, and pictures of the products, links to 3rd party websites and other data from outside sources are made obtainable on the site. The obligation of 3rd Party Content is only for usual informational means. You accept that the 3rd Party Content given to You is acquired from sources supposed to be dependable or given by the sellers in the course of exhibiting, advertising, and tendering to sell the Products on the site. All 3rd Party Content is given on an “As Is” basis. Big Value Shop might not have/own the title and rights to any such 3rd Party Content, or give any assurance with regard to the title, accuracy, non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a specific mean of any 3rd Party Content. Big Value Shop will not be considered accountable for any loss happened by you built on your confidence or use of 3rd Party Content.

In case any 3rd Party Content covers links to the 3rd party site, and you visit any such outward link, you admit for doing so at your own responsibility, liability, and risk. Big Value Shop makes no statement or warranty about, and doesn’t promote, any site linked to the Services / Website or the data seeming thereon or any of the services or product explained thereon.

Indemnity & Liability Limitation:

You agree to hold, defend and indemnify harmless Big Value Shop, its licensee, owner, subsidiaries, affiliates, group companies (as valid) and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents from any actions, demand or claim, including practical attorney’s charges made by any 3rd party or forfeit forced because of or ascending out of your break of this ‘Terms of Use,’ ‘Privacy Policy’ and other Policies, or Your desecration of any rules, law, or regulations or the rights of a 3rd party.

In no happening Big Value Shop will be accountable or liable for any incidental, special, direct or indirect or major damages of any kind of relationship with these ‘TERMS OF USE,’ even if buyer/seller has been well-versed prior to the chance of such damages.

Threat, Take Down & Abuse policy:

As a result, you come through any violation or abuse of these ‘Terms of Use’ or if You become cognizant of any offensive content on the site, or if you think your ‘intellectual property rights’ have been disrupted in any way via this site, please inform Big Value Shop.

Guarantee over replacement:

Big Value Shop keeps its right to commence criminal or/and civil proceedings against buyers/sellers who report a false or/and invalid claim or provides incomplete, false, or misleading detail. Along with the legal proceedings as above-mentioned, Big Value Shop can block, suspend, cancel, restrict the On-Screen Name [and related to] of such buyer/seller or/and prohibit them from available shield via this program. Any individual who, intentionally and with intent to harm, deceive or mislead, incomplete, files a Deceitful Complaint covering untrue, or deceiving data might be blameworthy of an unlawful offense and will be impeached to the completest amount of the law.


We can’t confirm the price of any product until you buy from Big Value Shop. Maybe possible that the price of a product on our list would be misplaced. If the actual price of the product sold by Big Value Shop is more than listed price, we would try to confirm you by contacting before cancelling or placing the order. Although, with our best effort, we keep a track & mention the precise price of a product as written on the catalogue before shipping or ordering.


When you access or use Big Value Shop, or send text messages, e-mails, and other communications from your mobile device or desktop to us, you might be connecting with us by electronic means. You agree to accept communications electronically with us, like through mobile push notices, texts, e-mails, or messages and notices on this website or via the other Services of this site. You consent that all notices, agreements, disclosures, and other interactions that we give you by electronic means, gratify any legal obligation that such communications be in the inscription.


Based on the Seller(s) information, we list product(s) on our website. It is possible that the listed product(s) may not be available (sometimes) even after placing the order(s). In such case(s), the customer may or may be informed by our executive through SMS, phone call, mail, or any other mode. If the order is prepaid, the refund will be initiated and notified to the customer. We reserve all the rights to cancel the order(s) based on availability. Our executive(s) may suggest some similar substitute(s) to purchase. As per further discussions with buyer(s), we may cancel or proceed with the order(s).

Herbal Products Related:

Herbal product(s) available on our website is not intended to be the substitute for professional medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment. Always consult your doctor or any certified healthcare provider(s) with any questions you may have regarding medical procedure, condition, or treatment, whether it’s an over-the-counter drug, prescription medication, supplement, vitamin, or herbal alternative. Also, read the label of medicine(s) before use. Big Value Shop will not be accountable for any side-effect, advice, or recommendation in any way.

Parcel Delivery

Big Value Shop is India’s leading online marketplace that offers services to businesses and individuals. Every order placed here is crucial for us, whether it’s for business or individual, and treated & entertained in the same manner.

When it comes to parcel(s) delivery, we have tied up with recognized third-party courier partners. Once the order(s) is confirmed, product(s) are packaged in durable packet(s) and handed over to a well-known courier company. Customer(s) can track their shipped parcel(s) with the help of shared tracking link/number. We work dedicatedly with them to deliver the parcel(s), but we don’t have much control over their operations and service delivery mechanism. Once the parcel(s) is dispatched, customer(s) should keep track on their parcel(s) and cooperate with delivery person(s) to receive it successfully. We will be in touch with customer(s) to deliver their parcel(s). However, Big Value Shop will not be liable for non-delivery of the parcel(s) in some specific cases like:

  • Courier boy asking to collect from a place other than doorstep due to inevitable situation and customer(s) denies.
  • Customer(s) denied receiving the parcel or/and asked for future delivery & the courier boy didn’t come again to deliver.
  • Customer(s) asked for open delivery and the courier boy refused.
  • Courier boy didn’t wait as per instruction given by customer(s).
  • Restriction due to covid or any other political or natural phenomenon.
  • Courier boy putting fake remark (we may help in this regard but cannot assure delivery).
  • Customer(s) found guilty in misleading delivery person(s).

If there is any service failure or technical glitch from courier’s end, Big Value Shop will try to help customer(s) in possible ways to resolve the concern. We can escalate or raise concerns from our end based on shipment status. Although customer(s) are requested to coordinate with courier company to resolve such service failure concerns and also keep us in loop. Any reimbursement to be settled upon courier service failure or any other related concerns will be done as per the Return & Refund Policy for both COD & prepaid customer(s).

Return & Refund Policy:

Products you ordered reached in a defective, physically damaged condition, has missing accessories or parts are returnable & refundable on some certain policies which are mentioned clearly in the ‘Return & Refund’ policy page. Some products may not be refundable/returned due to their nature or other reasons. Do check the “Return & Refund” policy page for more details.

TOS for Seller/Vendor:

On behave of the fulfillment of treaty(s), Big Value Shop allows sellers/vendors to sell, exhibit their products to buyers or other users and agrees to the ‘Seller Terms and Conditions’ and other terms & conditions integrated by reference. We make every effort to confirm a trustworthy and fair seller and buyer experience. Violation of ‘Seller Terms and Conditions’ may result in the loss of selling privilege and elimination from Big Value Shop marketplace.

Seller should stick to:

  1. All applicable abide and laws that come under ‘Seller Terms and Conditions’ and other policies.
  2. Provide existing account details
  3. Act in a trustworthy and fair manner all the time with Us and/or buyer(s)
  4. Never add products on Big Value Shop online portal that are harmful to buyer(s) or anyone
  5. Never get indulge in any inappropriate, misleading, or offensive behavior. Unfair behavior may include (but not restricted to):
    • Gaming or manipulation of any part of the selling or buying experience
    • Activities that could be remarked as manipulating buyer reviews, containing by indirectly or directly considering false, inauthentic, or misleading content.
  6. Following all policies mentioned in the ‘Seller Terms and Conditions’ policy page such as order & pricing, shipping and commission, Product return and replacement, Product representation and product image/information, and others.

Do check the ‘Seller Terms & Conditions’ policy page for more details.

Common Provision:

Assignment: You can’t transfer or assign the Agreements, or any entitlements approved here under or any commitments, to any 3rd party and any such transfer or assignment or claimed transfer or assignment will be cancelled from the beginning. Big Value Shop’s obligations or/and rights under the ‘Agreement/Consent’ are easily transferable or assignable by Big Value Shop to any 3rd parties deprived of the necessity of looking for your preceding agreement. Big value Shop may notify you of such transfer or assignment according to the notice necessities under the ‘Agreement.’ Big Value Shop has the right to transfer Your Account and its detail to the 3rd party who buys Big Value Shop’s commercial as led under the site.

Relinquishment: Any delay or failure by a party to exercise or enforce any provision of the Agreement, or any associated right, will not constitute a relinquishment by such party of that right or provision. The implementation of one or more of a party’s entitlements hereunder will not be a relinquishment of or prevent the implementation of, any remedies or rights offered to such party under ‘Terms of Use’ or at equity or in law. Any relinquishment by a party will only be made in script and implemented by a suitable legal officer of such group/party.

Severability: For any reason, if a court of knowledgeable authority finds any provision of the Contract/Consent or part thereof to be null, that provision will be imposed to the supreme extent allowable in order to deliver influence to the party’s intent as returned by that provision, and the rest of the ‘Agreement’ will persist in full effect and force. Big Value Shop can modify such provision in an acceptable way to thrive enforceable and such alteration will be provided effect according to the alteration terms of these ‘Terms of Use.’

Force Majeure: If implementation of any obligation or service under these ‘Terms of Use’ or other ‘Agreement/Consent’ by Big Value or other 3rd party in completion of any sale or purchase transaction (like: payment gateways, and others) are delayed, restricted, prevented, or interfered due to strikes, labour disputes, acts of God, rationing, lightning, floods, shortages of materials, severe weather, communication or utility failures, war, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, revolution, civil commotion, blockade, acts of public enemies, embargo or any , regulation, proclamation, law & order, demand, ordinance or requirement having legal consequence of any judicial authority, government or spokesperson of any such government, or any act whatever, whether like or unlike to those mentioned in this clause, which is further than the acceptable control of Big Value Shop or its 3rd parties performing, then Big Value Shop will be exempted from such implementation. Big Value Shop will exercise all acceptable business exertions to carry on performing its commitments hereunder.