Hand Sanitizer | 80% Ethyl Alcohol | WHO Recommended HANDRUB FORMULATION | KILLS 99.9% Of GERMS Without Water

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Magica RUB

Magica Rub Hand Sanitizer:

  • Type: Hand Rub
  • Available in: 5 Litres Can | Trigger Spray 1 Litres | Dispenser 500ml | Pump Spray 500ml | Trigger Spray 500ml | Pump Spray 200ml | Gel Based 125ml | Gel Based 100ml
  • Alcohol Content: 80%
  • Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, Glycerol, Hydrogen peroxide
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If you purchase this product you will earn 1-18 Points!

Magica Rub Hand Sanitizer | WHO Recommended HANDRUB FORMULATION | KILLS 99.9% Of GERMS Without Water

Buy Magica Rub Hand Sanitizer online in India from Big Value Shop Now! This hand sanitizer is made of ethyl alcohol (80% v/v) that kills 99.9% germs to prevent contamination and validate complete hand hygiene. It is saturated with hydrogen peroxide (0.125% v/v) to strengthen the power of ethyl alcohol, and glycerol which keeps your hand soft. It gives you instant protection from germs and other microbes that could harm you. Simply apply 4-5 drops of Magica Rub Hand Sanitizer on your palm and rub your hands together. Magica Rub Hand Sanitizer costs for its quality, and you would love to purchase it from Big Value Shop at such an exciting rate.

Key Features of Magica Rub Hand Sanitizer:

  • It Ensures Complete Hand Sanitization
  • Kills 99.9% Germs Without Water
  • Non-Sticky & Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer
  • Leaves your Hand Refreshed
  • 80% v/v Ethyl Alcohol
  • Infused with Hydrogen peroxide & Glycerol
  • Available in 5lt can, 500ml, 200ml, 125ml (Gel-Based)  100 ml Packaging
  • Best Alternative to Hand Washing
  • Use as Often as Required
  • Competitive Magica Rub Hand Sanitizer price at Big Value Shop

Without having use of water, you can directly drop and apply Magica Rub Hand Sanitizer on your palm. Kill all the germs of your hand by using Magica Rub Hand Sanitizer.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. highly-flammable. Keep away from fire. Contact doctor if swallowed or any irritation persists.

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Pump Spray 100ml, Gel based 100 ml, Gel based 125 ml, Pump spray 200 ml, Trigger spray 500 ml, Pump spray 500 ml, Dispenser 500 ml, Trigger spray 1 Litres, 5Litres Can

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