Coronation Nebulizer Machine | FC002

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Coronation Nebulizer Machine | FC002

  • Brand: Coronation
  • Model: Nebulizer Machine Complete Kit
  • Color: Beige
  • Flow Range: 8-10 ipm
  • MMAD: 2.0PM
  • Type: Compressor nebulizer
  • Medication Capacity: 6ml
  • Flow Range: 8-10 ipm
  • Power Consumption: 160va
  • Noise Level: Below 60 Dba
  • Storage Temperature Range: 40.C – 55.C
  • Input: 220v/50hz
  • Model Id: FC002
  • Package Contents: 1 Nebulizer Cup, 1 Compressor Unit, 5 Air Filters, 1 Operational Manual, 1 Adult Mask, 1 Mouthpiece, 1 Child Mask
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Coronation Nebulizer Machine | FC002

Coronation Nebulizer Machine is a steam inhaler made of premium quality material, and it is ideal for those who have difficulty while breathing. The fundamental role of this nebulizer machine is to convert the liquid medicine into a mist form. It is used to relieve cough and other respiratory illnesses. This Coronation Nebulizer Machine is sometimes used to reduce constriction and inflammation in order to breathe more easily. It instantly offers medication to your lungs so that you can relieve symptoms like chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing. The medicated vapours may also assist in breaking up mucus if you have a respiratory flare-up or a virus. This nebulizer is beneficial for all age groups.

Key Features of Coronation Nebulizer Machine:

  • A small breathing device that lets people inhale medication in vapour form for the treatment.
  • Easy to transport and use.
  • Affordable Coronation Nebulizer Machine cost at Big Value Shop.
  • Ideal for all age groups.
  • Help to provide relief from coughs and other respiratory illnesses.
  • It is made of quality material.
  • Prevents inflammations and constrictions.
  • Comes with all valuable equipment such as mouthpiece, operational manual, compressor unit, nebulizer cup, air filters, adult & child masks.

Instructions to use Coronation Nebulizer Machine:

  • Attach the air compressor to the hose and fill the medicine cup as per the prescription.
  • Close the cup tightly to prevent spills.
  • Hold the mask/mouthpiece straight up & down.
  • Connect mask & hose to the medicine cup.
  • Wear the mouthpiece properly.
  • Breathe through the mouth, and don’t remove the mask until the medicine is finished.
  • Turn off the nebulizer machine when done.

Read the manual instructions for proper use of this Coronation Nebulizer Machine.

  • Wash medicine container and mouthpiece after each use.
  • Clean them with mind liquid dish soap and hot water.
  • Remove extra water from the equipment.
  • Connect the mouthpiece and medicine container to the compressor and turn on the system to air dry the parts.
Storing the equipment:
  • Equipment should be clean and dry.
  • To prevent contamination, don’t leave the unit assembled.
  • Store it in a clean bag.

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Note: Don’t get the nebulizer machine without a prescription. Always consult your health physician before using it to ensure you have the correct dosage and medication.

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