GPF Poultry Feed Supplement | GPF Poultry Liver Formula | 1 KG

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GPF Feed Supplement

GPF Poultry Liver Formula | 1KG

  • Brand: GPF
  • Model: GPF Liver Formula
  • Dimensions: 7x7x2 in
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Used to: Protect the Liver of Birds and other poultry animals
  • Suitable for: Birds like broilers, layers, pigeon, and other poultry animals.
  • Dose: 25-50gm /100kg of feed
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GPF Poultry Liver Formula | 1KG

Feeding an unbalanced diet for a longer period to an animal often leads to liver malfunctioning. Fatty liver is common in poultry animals and other animals. The GPF Poultry Liver Formula, through its herbal formulation, corrects liver functioning speedily. GPF Poultry Liver Formula is designed for the poultry animals and other animals which helps to fight against harmful toxins, fungus and improves the liver function. It is made vital nutrients that support and promote better functioning and working of the liver.

GPF Poultry Liver Formula is a hepato-protective; thus, it protects the liver from feed impurities. It also ensures good egg production and weight gain in birds and other egg-laying species. Buy GPF Poultry Liver Formula online in India from here and feed your animals to keep them healthy.

GPF Poultry Liver Formula – Benefits:

  • Results in better FCR and feed efficiency
  • Promotes functioning of the liver and other organs
  • Helps to increase egg production in egg-laying birds
  • Prevents liver diseases
  • Restores live functions faster and stimulates inactive liver
  • Helps to enhance weight and growth
  • Promotes digestion
  • Improves hatchability

GPF Poultry Liver Formula cost is affordable, and thus low-budget customers can also afford it easily. There are so many liver supplements available in the market, but choosing the right one is always a big task. You can rely on GPF Poultry Liver Formula as it is made from a polyherbal formulation, helps increasing digestion, and maintains the liver function. So, make this product your now at such an affordable rate. GPF Poultry Liver Formula price is economical.

GPF Poultry Liver Formula – Composition and Dose:

GPF Poultry Liver Formula is a liver supplement for poultry animals and other animals that contains herbal ingredients, ensuring increased productivity and better feed utilization.

  • Dose: add 25gm-50gm of GPF Poultry Liver Formula to the 100kg of feed

Note that depending on the size, age, and breed of the poultry animal, the dose of GPF Poultry Liver Formula may vary. You can take the assistance of your veterinary nutritionist for the best serve. You will be happy to purchase this fantastic product for your bird or any poultry animal.

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  1. Vishal Khurana

    Value for money supplement. Feed intake has really increased and I recommend all of you to buy this supplement for your birds.

    Vishal Khurana