Earn Reward points on every successful Purchase & Referral!

Big Value Shop launches one of the best loyalty programs in India through which BVS Shoppers can earn rewards and loyalty points on every single purchase & successful referral.

Customer loyalty programs aim to make unity among Big Value Shop’s shoppers by rewarding them for their engagement, loyalty, and cooperation on our website. We aim to make online shopping as exciting as visiting a mall.

There are many online shops that provide cashback offers on selected items, but reward points are much beneficial than cashback offers as they give loyalty benefits instantly.

Profiting you is what we live for, and thanks to our customer loyalty programs that will help you earn rewards and loyalty points. You can redeem points on your next purchase. This is really one of the best affiliate programs that can benefit you even more. We always maintain brand loyalty!

Shop and Earn Points:

The best thing about Big Value Shop loyalty rewards is receiving something back for every purchase. You will earn loyalty points when you buy any item from Big Value Shop. 2 points are worth 1 rupee. You can purchase more and more items to earn rewards. However,  reward points may not be applicable for certain product categories/brands.

Loyalty points that you earn on every successful order you place will be credited in your reward points section. Your ‘My Point History’ page will keep all the tracks of points earned by you.

How to shop and earn points on Big Value Shop:

  • Firstly, log-in with your Big Value Shop Credentials.
  • Now, choose the product that you want to purchase.
  • Press the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to cart’ option, and then press on checkout.
  • After the successful purchase*, you will get the reward points in your account.
  • Reward Points, if not used, will expire in 90 days.

How to check reward points in just 2 clicks:

  • Press on the ‘My Account’ option.
  • Tap the ‘Reward Points’ button and check the status of your points.

Remember that 2 points here are worth 1 rupee. Shop and earn points! At Big Value Shop, we always try to understand the shopper’s well-being so that they can get maximum value for each rupee they spend. Purchase items on Big value Shop and get exciting loyalty benefits. Maintaining brand loyalty is our priority!

Refer & Earn Points:

Shopping on Big Value Shop is enjoyable and fun – and twice as enjoyable when your buddies shop too. Refer your friends to Big Value Shop & items listed here and start earning loyalty rewards. Once you refer a friend, you will earn some valuable points for every friend or family member who registers and completes his/her first purchase (successfully) on Big Value Shop. Referral points will be updated once a month after ensuring being successfully accepted by the customer without any return or concern.

We have started one of the best referral programs through which our potential & new customers can earn points when they refer a friend to shop on Big Value Shop. You and your friend can claim rewards by purchasing next item(s). Let’s understand the referral program through the below section. Get the chance to become a brand ambassador by using referral program. Brand promotion can make you earn fame and money.

How to Refer & Earn Points:

Make use of profitable referral system and earn points through our best referral program:

  1. Tap on any product that you want to share.
  2. Press the ‘Share And Earn’ button.
  3. While referring any product, these could be the scenarios:
    • If you are not signed-in: Firstly, sign-in with your Big Value Shop credentials by pressing the ‘My Account’ page or else, tap on ‘Sign-in’ button given under ‘Share And Earn’ option (it will redirect you to ‘My Account’ page). You can also sign up for Big Value Shop from the same page (My Account) if don’t have an account. A new window will appear. Refresh your product page after signing into your account.Share and Earn Sign In
    • If you are not registered for Affiliate program: press the ‘Register’ button beneath the ‘Share And Earn’ tab:Share and Earn Register Affiliateand then, tap on ‘Become an affiliate’ button once to become an affiliate (Refresh your product page once done).Become Affiliate
    • If you are signed-in and already have registered for Affiliate program: Just choose the product that you want to share, press on the ‘Share And Earn’ button and follow step 4.
  1. Now you can share the product link on any of the given social media platforms. If you want to share the product link manually, press the ‘copy’ button to copy the link and share it with your friends and family.copy and share

This is the complete referral system to earn points. You can also manually generate Big Value Shop URL and can refer your friends to get reward points. Just go to the ‘Affiliate Dashboard’ and generate link. To know more about the referral program, tap on ‘learn more’ option given under ‘Share And Earn.’ Refer and earn as many as points you can. By referring, you can also become a brand ambassador- brand promotion can turn your referral into earnings and fame too.

Affiliate dashboard will show you all your successful referral and purchased points. As of now, cash amount will be shown on your affiliate dashboard for every successful referral in place of points (2 points = 1rupee). On affiliate dashboard, you can also check whether your friend has purchased the referred item or not (at ‘click’ option under the ‘affiliate dashboard’ button). We always try to deliver the right product, making it a successful purchase. But in a rare scenario, the delivered parcel(s) gets rejected or returned within the ‘delivery return’ period. This rare scenario does not help/allow us to share any point (applicable in both referral & reward points).

How to Redeem Points:

Once the Reward points are credited to your account, you can use them on your next purchase anytime. Best loyalty programs like ours allow the customers to redeem points on your next purchase.

  • Once you tap on the ‘Place order’ option (on next purchase), you will be redirected to the page from where you can claim rewards.
  • Make the use of reward points and get the item even at a lower price.
  • If the reward point is not sufficient, rest of the amount can be paid using other payment option.

You may use all or some of the rewarded points to pay for your order. Shop and get loyalty benefits on Big Value Shop. To check rewarded points, go to ‘Reward Points’ section. These types of best affiliate programs are very rarely launched, don’t miss the chance to earn reward points. Make sure you don’t delete your account permanently. In case of permanent closure of your account, you will lose all your existing reward points.