GPF Milk Formula | Increase Milk Production in Cattle | Cattle Feed Supplement | 1 KG

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GPF Feed Supplement

GPF Milk Formula

  • Brand: GPF
  • Model: GPF Milk Formula
  • Dimensions: 7x7x2 in
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Formula Contains: Vitamins, Trace Minerals, Phosphorus, Calcium, Herbal Amino Acids, Liver Tonic
  • Used to: Improve Milk Production
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GPF Milk Formula| Cattle Feed Supplement | 1 KG

GPF Milk Formula is created for cattle and high yielding animals. It contains all necessary nutrition supplements such as calcium, vitamins, liver tonic, trace minerals, amino-acids and phosphorous for cattle and other milk-producing animals. The high nutrition value of this milk formula promotes milk production and feed management. This milk formula should be given to your cattle only four days a week.

Milk production varies depending on the animal supplement and dairy cattle food. This Milk Formula comprises essential animal feed ingredients that cater to all needs, and also increases protein. It is provided with balanced amino-acids that maintain the overall health of animals. You can buy GPF Milk Formula online in India from Big Value Shop.

 We have always focused on delivering our customers market-leading quality feed supplement that eventually provides them an ideal assistant for milk production. This milk formula assures approx. 10% milk supply in two or three days. The proper dose of milk formula is 150-200gm per quintal of feed or 25-30gm per animal. The GPF Milk Formula price is inexpensive so that low-budget customers can easily afford it.

GPF Milk Formula – Features:

  • Efficient Milk Production: GPF Milk Formula provides an easy and effective way to enhance milk production in dairy animals. This is particularly valuable for dairy farmers looking to increase their milk yields.
  • Balanced Amino Acids: The formula contains balanced amino acids, which are essential for the health and well-being of dairy animals. Proper amino acid levels support the animal’s overall vitality and productivity.
  • Rapid Milk Supply Increase: GPF Milk Formula delivers rapid results, with an assurance of approximately 10% increased milk supply in just two or three days. This quick response is advantageous for dairy farmers looking for immediate results.
  • Enhanced Nutrition: By incorporating this milk formula into the feed supplement of animals, it elevates the overall nutritional value of their diet. This ensures that dairy animals receive the essential nutrients necessary for optimal milk production.
  • Convenient Feeding Schedule: The product is designed to be administered only four days a week, allowing for flexibility in the feeding regimen. This flexibility can accommodate variations in the dairy farming schedule while still reaping the benefits of increased milk production.
  • Precise Dosage: The recommended dosage of 150-200 grams per quintal (100 kg) of feed or 25-30 grams per individual animal ensures that dairy animals receive the correct amount of the formula, maximizing its effectiveness.

With these super-quality and impressive features, GPF Milk Formula is best for your animal feed supplements. If you want to buy GPF Milk Formula online In India, Big Value Shop is a reliable online platform. Online Shopping is the best way to simplify purchasing decisions as you can compare with other products available in the market. The GPF Milk Formula cost is very affordable that fits everyone’s budget. So, don’t spoil your valuable time and purchase this fantastic product now. As we are known for our fast delivery service, you will receive your product at a given possible time.

Every 100 grams of GPF Milk Formula contains:

  • Trace minerals: 13gm
  • Vitamin A: 50,000 I.U
  • Herbal Amino acids: 60gm
  • Herbal Liver Tonic: 13gm
  • Phosphorous/Calcium: 14gm
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  1. Saurabh Brar

    Highly Recommended suplement for increasing milk prodution in your cattle

    Saurabh Brar