GPF Goat Formula | Goat Feed Supplement | 1 KG

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GPF Feed Supplement

GPF Goat Formula:

  • Brand: GPF
  • Product: Goat Formula
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Packet dimensions: 7x7x2 (inches)
  • Used as: Feed Supplement
  • Suitable for: Goat
  • Used For: steady growth and lactation in goats
  • Formula Contains: vitamins, trace minerals, calcium, phosphorous, liver tonic, and amino acids
  • Dose: 200gm /100kg of feed
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GPF Goat Formula| Goat Feed Supplement | 1 KG

Goats don’t require high-density feed. Fibre has an important place in their diet. Feed balancing is a tough challenge in goat feed. Goats too, need proper attention to develop well. GPF Goat Formula is designed specifically for this purpose. Amino Acids in it prevents bloating and helps to improve digestion. This goat formula contains essential minerals, vitamins, Herbal amino acids, trace minerals, and liver tonic, which are vital for goats to grow healthy and improve digestion. Most of the goat feed only eats hay due to which they don’t get the complete nutrition value. GPF Goat Formula caters to these needs by providing balanced nutrition. GPF Goat Formula costs at its best.

GPF Goat Formula – Benefits:

The GPF Goat Formula offers a wide range of benefits for goat nutrition and health based on the provided information:

  • Improved Digestion: GPF Goat Formula aids in enhancing the digestive processes in goats, ensuring that they can effectively break down and absorb nutrients from their feed.
  • Complete Nutrient Source: This formula serves as a complete source of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It provides goats with all the vital elements required for their growth and well-being.
  • Bloating Prevention: GPF Goat Formula helps in preventing bloating in goats, a common digestive issue. This promotes their comfort and reduces the risk of digestive discomfort.
  • Promotes Growth: The presence of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in the formula actively promotes the growth of goats. This is especially important for meat or milk-producing goats.
  • Maintains Goat Health: Regular use of GPF Goat Formula contributes to the overall health and vitality of goats, ensuring that they remain in optimal condition.
  • Ease of Consumption: The formula is designed to be easy for goats to eat, which means it is palatable and readily accepted by the animals.
  • Mixes Easily with Feed: GPF Goat Formula can be seamlessly mixed with goat feed, simplifying the feeding process for goat farmers and ensuring that goats receive the necessary nutrients with every meal.
  • Improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR): This formula can enhance the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) in goats. It means goats can convert their feed more efficiently into growth and energy, leading to cost-effective goat farming.
  • Promotes Proper Bone Formation: Adequate nutrition is essential for proper bone formation in goats. The formula’s nutrient profile contributes to strong and healthy bone development.

Don’t rush anywhere if you want to feed your goat correctly. Simply buy GPF Goat Formula online in India from here and add it to your goat feed at the recommended proportion. It will help your goat boost energy and promote physical growth. GPF Goat Formula price is low at Big Value Shop.

GPF Goat Formula – Ingredients:

To add GPF Goat formula to the goat feed, you need to be sure about the amount. Look at the below-mentioned guidelines to feed your goat correctly:

  • Gram: 10%
  • Broken Maize/Wheat: 20%
  • Seasame cake: 25%
  • Groundnut Cake: 10%
  • Wheat Bran/DORB: 34%
  • Salt: 01%
  • GPF Goat Formula: 200gm

Note: It is not water Soluble, so give it in dry form only

Dosage of GPF Goat Formula:

In a simple equation, mix the 200gm of GPF Goat Formula to the 100kg of feed.  You can also put it directly to the goat’s mouth by mixing it in some wheat flour (in dry form). Customers can choose the feed of their own choice. Most time, goats are fed on green fodder only which results in a lack of nutritional value. GPF Goat Formula makes it nutritious and balanced. If you’re in search of a top-class goat feed formula, then it is the best choice. Buy GPF Goat Formula online in India from here and give all nutritional value to your goat.

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  1. Aditi Khurana

    I highly recommend this product if you want to get good amount of milk from your goats and keep them healthy.

    Aditi Khurana

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    Mano P