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Make in India

India is a developing nation, and it has mostly an agricultural economy. More than half of the population is dependent on the agriculture sector for survival, though the income is meager. India’s service sector gives employment to the very few Indian labour force, and its return is around 60% of the Indian GDP. It does not favour the Economy of India, and that’s why it is essential to improve the manufacturing sector to change the trend. The Make in India scheme is a significant step towards boosting the Indian Economy and solve the unemployment crisis. Big Value Shop has joined the Make in India initiative and is looking forward to enhancing the make in India campaign launched by the government of India. Before we move further, let’s know more about the make in India project.

What is make in India concept?

Make in India Introduction: Make in India is a national initiative launched by the Indian government in 2014 by India’s honourable prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi. The objectives of make in India scheme is to transform India into a manufacturing hub and global design. The make in India initiative facilitates the following things:

  • Ease of doing business
  • Protecting Intellectual property
  • Facilitating investments
  • Making best in class infrastructure
  • State partnerships to increase biotech innovation ecosystem
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Create global start-ups connection
  • Providing employment in the manufacturing sector

Big Value Shop promotes patriotism, and that’s why we favor the make in India movement. Our primary focus is to help the small industries and manufacturing units that produce the best of Indian products. We prefer listing Indian products on our platform that motivates small Indian manufacturers to manufacture swadeshi products. You may check the list of Indian products and brands available at our forum if you want to buy famous Indian products at a reasonable price. We have a separate section for the make in India products from where you can select the required items for regular use.

Make in India vs Made in India

There is a little difference between make in India and made in India campaign.

Make in India Meaning: Make in India project is an open call to the foreign investors to establish manufacturing industries in India. The main idea behind the make in India programme is that India will become a vast manufacturing hub and encouraging foreign investors to set up manufacturing industries in India and create employment for Indian workers.

Made in India Campaign: The made in India campaign applies to any item that is entirely manufactured and packaged in India. It applies to Indian manufacturing companies and foreign manufacturing companies’ products until and unless the item is wholly made in India.

Difference between Make in India and Made in India: You may understand the significant difference between make in India and made in India with the points given below:

  • Make in India vision is to attract foreign investments towards the factors of production needed in the manufacturing sector of India. While made in India aims at domestic aspects of production along with the investments in the products’ manufacturing.
  • Make in India is not a brand. It is a strategy of Indian government to deal with the slowness problem in India’s manufacturing industry. Whereas, made in India is the branding of items produced in India and make their identity in the Indian and international markets.
  • Under the Make in India initiative, the profits earned contain foreign investors’ share while in made in India, the profits generated are retained within the Indian Economy.

Big Value Shop aims at focusing on both the schemes by making a particular section of made in India products list that can also be called as swadeshi products list. We believe in practicing patriotism and supporting the Indian government to boost the Indian Economy as we are well aware of the impact of make in India on Indian Economy. Our vision is to increase the demand of Indian products in international market.

Sectors of Make in India

There are majorly 25 sectors that are covered under the make in India project. Let’s have a look at all the make in India sectors:

  1. Construction
  2. Pharmaceuticals
  3. IT and BPM
  4. Chemicals
  5. Aviation
  6. Automobiles
  7. Ports and Shipping
  8. Textiles and Garments
  9. Electrical machinery
  10. Food processing
  11. Electronic system
  12. Oil and Gas
  13. Media and entertainment
  14. Mining
  15. Leather
  16. Wellness and healthcare
  17. Renewable energy
  18. Space
  19. Railways
  20. Tourism and Hospitality
  21. Roads and highways
  22. Automobile components
  23. Bio-technology
  24. Thermal power
  25. Defense manufacturing

Since the made in India scheme covers most of the sectors, Big Value Shop plays a small role in helping the small manufacturing industries and producers to sell their products at a genuine price by listing them on its platform. We believe in selling Indian products handpicked directly from Indian manufacturers, and they get a fair price for their products. We are a great medium to provide Indian products to the customers and encourage the use of local products more in place of imported items.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Make in India

Every scheme has its own pros and cons, so as the Made in India scheme. There is various make in India pros and cons discussed in the upcoming sections. Let’s take a look at the make in India advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Make in India Initiative:

Several advantages of make in India programme are given below:

  • Develop job opportunity
  • Fortify the rupee
  • Ease of business
  • Up-gradation of technology
  • Development of rural areas
  • Availability of young minds
  • Increase in brand value
  • Ameliorate the vicinity
  • Flow of capital
  • Expand the GDP of India

Since the Make in India campaign has different advantages, it will surely help in India’s development and strengthen its position on international level. However, there are several disadvantages of make in India that should be kept in mind.

Disadvantages of Make in India:

The various disadvantages of make in India movement are given below. Let’s have a look at some of the factors:

  • Manufacturing based Economy
  • Depletion of natural resources
  • Disruption of land
  • Negligence of agriculture
  • Loss for small entrepreneurs
  • Interest in international brands
  • Pollution

These factors prove that the make in India programme has some adverse effect also. However, the pros and cons are part of every scheme, so it is okay to have some disadvantages as long as it favors the nation’s growth and not causing much harm to the country. We have been a part of make in India and made in India scheme for a long time, and we aim to fulfill the demands of Indian origin products among the customers and promote the use of Indian products.

Make in India Objectives

Some significant objectives of make in India scheme are given below:

  • It has included targets presented in the National Manufacturing Policy of 2012, like increasing the share from 16% to 25% of the GDP by 2020 and develop employment for 100 million people until 2022.
  • One major make in India objectives is to enhance India’s rank on the ease of doing business index presented by the World Bank as part of doing business reports.
  • To successfully implement this objective, the Indian government is repealing unnecessary regulations and laws, improving responsiveness, transparency, and accountability in the government services, and simplifying bureaucratic processes.
  • Its motive is to catch foreign investors’ attention and grow the already existing industry base in India to beat China.
  • The make in India projects also intends to encourage export-led growth.

Make in India Benefits

Since the launch of made in India and make in India campaign, the idea of ‘self-reliant India’ or ‘self-sufficient India’ has gain momentum. The several benefits of make in India are:

  • Its primary aim is converting India into a manufacturing hub of different commercial items.
  • It will boost the GDP of the Indian Economy as foreign investments will enhance the flow of income.
  • It helps in developing employment opportunities for Indian workers.
  • Developing the places and neighbourhood areas where industries are going to set up.
  • The FDI would strengthen the rupee position against the American dollar under this scheme.
  • The setting up of industries under make in India scheme will help in the development of rural regions.
  • The foreign industries will bring new technology, and India can use this opportunity as it lacks in different test mechanization.

Big Value Shop as a part of Make in India and Made in India Campaign

The primary motive of Big Value Shop is to promote the use of Indian products and help in boosting the Indian Economy. We mainly focus on selling Indian products on our platform so that we can contribute our part in enhancing the GDP of the Indian Economy. We have already discussed the difference between make in India and made in India campaign, and you must be familiar with both the initiatives. Our main motive is to list more and more products which are manufactured in India, whether it is developed by a foreign manufacturing company or an Indian manufacturing industry. If you compare the list of Indian products vs foreign products, you will see that the list of Indian products and brands is much more than the foreign products on our e-commerce platform. We believe in patriotism, and we want to give small Indian manufacturers the superior value for their products. With the help of our e-commerce store, the local manufacturers can showcase their products to customers worldwide and get the best price. We also aim at increasing the demand of Indian products in international market by listing and promoting more and more Indian products. You may scroll through the Indian products list for daily use to get the item of your choice, and the make in India products list will not get over. We have thousands of Indian origin products perfect for your daily use and available at a reasonable price. We pledge to help the government boost the GDP of the Indian Economy. We will keep increasing the swadeshi products list on our platform by adding more and more Indian products and promoting the use of Indian manufactured items.

Conclusion of Make in India

After getting so much information about make in India and made in India initiatives, we can say that India has the ability to become a $5 trillion economy. However, the Indian government needs to take proper measures to enhance the FDI inflow and make a favourable environment for the manufacturing sector; otherwise, it will become a distant dream. The make in India and made in India campaign will be successful only when the whole nation will stand together and increase the use of Indian products in their daily life. The impact of make in India on Indian Economy can be seen when the foreign investors will choose India to step up industries and create job opportunities for Indian labours. All these things prove why make in India initiative is important for nation’s growth.

The other e-commerce platforms should also promote the use of made in India products like Big Value Shop to make both the initiatives successful. It will encourage the local Indian manufacturers to produce more and more Indian products and help our nation take a step forward towards a bright future.

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