GPF Poultry Heat Formula | Prevent Heat Stress & Heat Stroke in Chicken | 500 GM

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GPF Feed Supplement

GPF Poultry Heat Formula:

  • Brand: GPF
  • Model: GPF Heat Formula
  • Weight: 500gm
  • Used: Prevent Heatstroke in Birds
  • Suitable for: Birds like Broilers, layers, and others
  • Dose: 50gm /1000 birds
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GPF Poultry Heat Formula:

Heat stress in poultry can be a formidable challenge, especially when unfavorable weather conditions like high temperatures, excessive humidity, and low wind speeds take a toll on your feathered friends. The impact of heat stress can be devastating, leading to mineral depletion in birds and the onset of a condition known as Acidosis. In severe cases, it may even result in a high mortality rate among your poultry flock. However, with the right heat stress management system in place, you can safeguard your birds’ well-being and productivity. Introducing GPF Poultry Heat Formula, a specially designed solution to prevent heat stroke and mitigate the adverse effects of heat stress in poultry.

Heat stress is a condition that occurs when environmental temperatures rise to levels that are uncomfortable and potentially harmful for poultry, such as chickens or ducks. This can happen during hot summer months, particularly in regions with extreme weather conditions. When exposed to high temperatures, birds often resort to panting as a means of regulating their body temperature. Unfortunately, this leads to the depletion of essential minerals within the birds, setting the stage for the development of Acidosis, a condition characterized by an abnormal increase in acidity levels in the body. You can conveniently buy GPF Poultry Heat Formula online in India from Big Value Shop, ensuring your poultry’s well-being during challenging heat stress conditions.

During peak hours of heat stress, typically occurring between 3:00 PM & 6:00 PM, birds are at the highest risk of developing Acidosis. This critical period often results in a heavy mortality rate, which can be a significant concern for poultry farmers. While electrolyte supplementation can be beneficial during these hours, it may not yield instant results. Moreover, continuous use of electrolytes in regular feed can be expensive. This is where “Heat Formula” steps in as a valuable solution to prevent Acidosis and minimize mortality rates.

GPF Poultry Heat Formula is specifically designed to combat the challenges posed by heat stress in poultry. It addresses the critical issue of Acidosis by providing an alkaline amino acid supplement precisely when it is needed most—during peak hours of heat stress. This strategic intervention helps maintain the birds’ electrolyte balance and prevents the onset of Acidosis. You can explore the GPF Poultry Heat Formula cost here and ensure the health and productivity of your poultry flock during heat stress challenges.

GPF Poultry Heat Formula – Usage and Benefits:

  • A 500-gram pouch of GPF Poultry Heat Formula is sufficient for up to 10,000 birds.
  • It is not intended for daily use but should be administered whenever the environmental temperature rises above 95-100°F.
  • The recommended application time is between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM, allowing you to bypass the evening mortality peak between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM.
  • Incorporating GPF Poultry Heat Formula into your poultry feed during peak summer months provides a comprehensive solution to heat stress management.
  • By mitigating the adverse effects of heat stress, this formula can help boost egg production and minimize impact of heat stress on your poultry flock.

The impact of GPF Poultry Heat Formula in birds will stay up to 4hrs. In case the weather is too warm, you can give the same amount of dose once again after 5hrs. However, taking the help of a bird feeder is always helpful in case you are giving the heat formula a second time in a day. When planning your poultry’s heat stress management strategy, it’s essential to factor in the GPF Poultry Heat Formula price to ensure a cost-effective approach to safeguarding your flock’s well-being.

GPF Poultry Heat Formula is your reliable ally in combating the detrimental effects of heat stress on poultry. With a focus on preventing Acidosis during critical heat stress hours, this formula ensures the well-being and productivity of your feathered companions. Don’t let heat stress compromise the health of your poultry flock—choose GPF Poultry Heat Formula for a healthier and more productive poultry farm.

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  1. Lalit Sharma

    Please buy this product if you want to save your hen in summer season. I give this supplement to my birds as directed. It really protects against heat.

    Lalit Sharma