GPF Trace Mineral & Mineral Supplement for Poultry, Cattle, Pig and others | 1 KG

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GPF Feed Supplement

GPF Trace Mineral & Mineral Supplement

  • Brand – GPF Poultry Feed Supplements
  • Product Name – GPF Trace Mineral & Mineral Supplement
  • Used for – Animal supplements, Nutritional deficiency in animals
  • Recommended for – Poultry Animals


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GPF Trace Mineral & Mineral Supplement

GPF Trace Mineral & Mineral Supplement is a nutritional supplement for poultry animals such as broilers, quails, ducks, egg-laying layers, and pigs. This product provides adequate nutrition to the animals as it contains an ample amount of trace minerals needed for them. Buy GPF Trace Mineral & Mineral Supplement online in India from Big Value Shop. Trace minerals include Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, Selenium, Zinc, Iron, etc. These are necessary for the proper functioning and maintenance of animal health.

Moreover, it contains Phytase that reduces the harmful effects of Phytic acid. Phytic acid production reduces the amino acid and fat digestion in the animal body, thus reducing the energy and impacting their health. Therefore, Phytase is good for animal health, and Phytic acid negatively impacts their bodies. Phytase also facilitates mineral absorption in the body. This product helps in strengthening bones and legs in broilers, and egg shell in layers balances the phosphorous calcium ratio and enhances fertility in the poultry animals. GPF Trace Mineral & Mineral Supplement cost is very affordable on Big value Shop. GPF Trace Mineral & Mineral Supplement price makes it a great buy from Big Value Shop. This product also provides chelated minerals and improves mineral absorption. Buy GPF Trace Mineral & Mineral Supplement today and keep your poultry animals healthy and happy, thus increasing the produce.

Dosage of GPF Trace Mineral & Mineral Supplement:

  • 1/2kg – 1 kg per quintal of feed.

Nutritional value

  • Calcium  –  240g
  • Phosphorous  – 135g
  • Mn –                    37g
  • Zn  –                      28g
  • Iron –                   19g
  • Cu –                      15g
  • Co –                      02g
  • Iodine –               02g
  • Se –                     0.1g
  • S –                       15g
  • Sodium  –           08g
  • Potassium –      06g
  • Phytase –           10g

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  1. Yash Kumar

    Helpful for my birds. Fast growing and increase in weight.

    Yash Kumar