GPF Trace Mineral Formula | Trace Minerals Feed Supplement for Poultry & Cattle | 1 KG

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GPF Feed Supplement

GPF Trace Mineral Formula

  • Brand: GPF
  • Model: GPF Trace Mineral Formula
  • Dimensions: 7x7x2 in
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Used to: improve the gut health of birds & Cattle
  • Suitable for: Birds like broilers, layers, hens, and Cattle
  • Dose: 25-50gm /100kg feed
  • Contains: Copper, Zinc, manganese


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GPF Trace Mineral Formula

Trace Mineral formula contains chelated minerals for the poultry and the cattle feed. Eggshell weakness, lameness in poultry are the common symptoms of mineral deficiency. Repeating tendency, bloating, lameness, DCAD imbalance are the common symptoms of mineral deficiency in the cattle. Similarly, in other animals, similar symptoms are observed. GPF Trace Mineral Formula is a one-stop solution for all these deficiencies. It helps in developing vital tissues that are necessary for the productivity of laying hens and overall health. GPF Trace Mineral Formula contains chelated minerals like zinc, copper, and manganese that helps to give high-quality eggshell in layers and strong bone strength in boilers. GPF Trace Mineral Formula is also suitable for cattle and other animals who are facing health issues.

If you want a good production of eggs from your birds, then give GPF Trace Mineral Formula to them along with the feed. Chelated minerals like Zn, Cu, Mn are vital for the deposition and synthesis of connective bone and tissue. It also helps to prevent eggs from any illnesses. GPF Trace Mineral Formula plays an essential role in calcium absorption, egg production, and improving the overall health of the birds and cattle. Your cattle may also need this Trace Mineral Formula if they are weak and feeling low. Buy GPF Trace Mineral Formula online in India at its best price from here only.

Doses: add 25-50gm of GPF Trace Mineral Formula to the 100kg of feed.

However, different livestock needs a different proportion of GPF Trace Mineral Formula. Supplying the right amount of GPF Trace Mineral Formula to the birds and cattle can be the part of the solution to reducing bloating, laming, and improving reproduction.

Benefits of using GPF Trace Mineral Formula:

  • Contains Zinc, Copper, and manganese
  • Balances the DCAD
  • Fulfils the mineral deficiency
  • It helps to give high-quality eggshells and healthy bone.
  • Suitable for birds and cattle
  • Reduces lameness, weakness, bloating
  • Plays a vital role in vitamin metabolism, protein synthesis, and formation of connective tissue
  • Strengthen the immune system of birds and cattle
  • Enhances the gut absorption
  • Improves reproductive efficiency

GPF Trace Mineral Formula price given here is economical and easy on the pocket. Grab this vital product and offer to your birds or cattle who need the most. GPF Trace Mineral Formula cost is low and affordable. Get it now!


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  1. Yash Kumar

    Helpful for my birds. Fast growing and increase in weight.

    Yash Kumar