Vegetable & Fruits Wash | 1 Litre (Veggie Wash | Vegetable Wash)

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Vegetables & Fruits Wash

  • Quantity: 1lt
  • Type: Cleaner
  • Suitable For: Vegetables and Fruits

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Vegetables & Fruits Wash | Veggie Wash | Vegetable Wash

Your fruits and veggies bought from the market may contain dirt, toxic chemicals, & harmful bacteria. It is essential to clean them before use. That’s why we bring to you a Vegetables & Fruits Wash cleaner that can kill all the toxic chemicals available on the surface of your vegetables and fruits. People do clean vegetables and fruits by using water, but it is only suitable to clean the dirt particles. Buy Vegetables & Fruits Wash online in India at its best price from Big Value Shop now.

How to Use:

  • To clean toxic chemicals, a cleaner such as Vegetables & Fruits Wash is very vital.
  • Just mix this cleaner in water by a ratio of 4-7%. Soak the fruit and vegetable in water for at least one minute.
  • Then, rub the fruit or vegetable individually. Then wash the vegetable or fruit and let it dry to consume.

Benefits of Using Vegetables & Fruits Wash:

Removes Bacteria & other Toxic Chemicals

Washing vegetables and fruits is very vital to remove bacteria and dirt and prevent cross-contamination. Nowadays, pesticides are used to produce vegetables and fruits, which are harmful to health. This cleaner washes out the toxic chemicals present on the surface of the fruits & vegetables.

Easy to use:

Vegetables & Fruits Wash is easy to use. Just read ‘how to use’ for better understanding.

Comply with Food Chemical Codex:

This cleaner complies with FCC, which means this xis safe in use. It does not affect the health of humans and, instead, keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh. No harmful chemicals used to make this fruit cleaner.

Cheap Vegetables & Fruits Wash price at Big Value Shop:

The price of such a vital cleaner is high. But at Big Value Shop, the Vegetables & Fruits Wash costs you low. So, before you put fruit in the mouth, clean it by using Vegetables & Fruits Wash.

Fortified with Lemon:

This vital cleanser is made with the use of lemon, which helps to kill bacteria. Read the ingredients to know more about the included particles.


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