Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN | For Blood Sugar Control | 1000 mg

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SriSri Tattva

Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN

  • Brand: Sri Sri Tattva
  • Model Name: DIAFYN
  • Form: Tablet
  • Quantity: 100 Tabs | 1000 mg
  • Country of Origin: India


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Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN, Ayurvedic Path to Blood Sugar Control – Now Available on Big Value Shop

Discover the power of Ayurveda with Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN, a revolutionary herbal solution tailored for effective blood sugar management. Crafted with a blend of traditional herbs, Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN is designed for those seeking natural ways to maintain healthy glucose levels. Now available for purchase online in India, Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN offers a convenient approach to blood sugar control.

Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN – Benefits:

  1. Regulates Blood Sugar: Blending potent herbs known for their blood sugar-balancing properties.
  2. Improves Metabolic Health: Supports healthy metabolic functions, integral for managing diabetes.
  3. Reduces Sugar Cravings: Aids in controlling sugar cravings, a key factor in diabetes management.
  4. Boosts Overall Well-being: Rich in antioxidants, contributing to general health.
  5. Enhances Energy Levels: Helps maintain stable energy levels throughout the day.

Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN – Key Ingredients:

  • Vijaysar: Enhances insulin sensitivity.
  • Meshasringi: Known for supporting healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Karela: Packed with antioxidants for blood sugar regulation.
  • Amla: A powerhouse of Vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Gurmar and Chirayata: Traditional herbs for reducing sugar cravings and supporting digestion.

Usage & Dosage of Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN:

  • Dosage: 1-2 tablets, taken twice or thrice a day before meals.
  • Consultation Recommended: Especially advised for specific groups like pregnant women and those with health conditions.

Buy Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN online in India at an affordable price from Big Value Shop, your trusted source for quality Ayurvedic products. The cost of Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN is set with your health and budget in mind.

Disclaimer for Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN:

  • is an Ayurvedic supplement and should not replace prescribed medications.
  • A balanced diet and regular exercise are recommended alongside Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN for the best results.
  • Always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement.


Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN is more than just a supplement; it’s a commitment to managing your blood sugar levels naturally. With its blend of Ayurvedic ingredients and easy availability online in India, Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN is a convenient and effective solution for those looking to maintain healthy glucose levels. Visit Big Value Shop today to check the Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN price and make a purchase towards a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Shreya Chatterjee

    Managing my blood sugar levels has been easier with Sri Sri Tattva DIAFYN. BIG Value Shop’s fast shipping and the exceptional support from their customer service have been impressive. A trustworthy online shopping experience.

    Shreya Chatterjee