On & On Diabalife | 30 Caps

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On & On

On & On Diabalife

  • Brand: On & On
  • Form: Tabs
  • Used for- Diabetes
  • Recommended for: – Adults
  • Country of origin- India
  • Diet type- Vegetarian
  • Quantity: 30 tabs


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On & On Diabalife | 30 Caps

On & On Diabalife is an excellent product for diabetic patients. Diabetes is an incurable lifestyle disorder. Diabetes with itself carries around the risk of heart disease.  High blood sugar levels can be the reason for damage to blood vessels and cardiac system. Moreover, diabetes can also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Blood pressure increases due to high blood sugar levels that puts force to blood vessels ultimately damaging them. Triglycerides, also induced by diabetes are responsible for the heart disease. Heart disease can be prevented by upgrading your lifestyle.

Lifestyle up gradation includes sleep cycle and eating habits. Adding supplements or ayurvedic medicine can prevent damage caused by diabetes. On & On Diabalife is a suitable product for anyone who wants to manage the side effects of high blood sugar levels. You can buy On & On Diabalife online from Big Value Shop.

Moreover, On & On Diabalife price is affordable on Big Value Shop. It contains dalchini, gudumar, neem extracts, karela extracts, garlic, etc., which are excellent in managing high blood sugar levels. Let us know more about the ingredients of On & On Diabalife.

Cinnamon- Cinnamon is widely used as a flavor enhancer in tea and deserts. Apart from flavor enhancing it is an excellent remedy for diabetes. It stimulates the cells to produce insulin thus acts helpful in diabetes.

Gudumar- Gudumar has anti-inflammatory properties that prevents the damage to the pancreatic cells and helps in secretion of insulin.

Neem- It is very popularly used in high glucose. Studies have shown its anti-diabetic and anti-obesity properties.

Garlic- Garlic is beneficial in lowering the HDL and increasing the HDL which is good cholesterol.

This herbal medicine can also be used for pre-diabetics to prevent high glucose level in the body. It is a gift of health for your loved ones. On & On Diabalife cost makes it a great buy from Big Value Shop.


  • Dalchini
  • Lehsun
  • Gudmar
  • Karela extracts
  • Neem extracts


  • Helpful in the management of blood sugar levels
  • Regulates LDL and triglycerides levels
  • Prevents damage from the high glucose
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • It can be consumed by pre-diabetics


  • 1 capsule post meal
  • The dose can be increased for those with a high glucose level (more than 300). Kindly consult your doctor for the same


Consult with your physician before consumption

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  1. Alia Chopra

    Earlier I was not sure about this product. But now I am happy to consume it and control my diabetes.

    Alia Chopra