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SG Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit Specifications:

  • Brand: SG
  • Model: SG Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit
  • Color: multi color
  • Sport Type: Cricket
  • Size: Full, 6, 5, 4
  • Package Contain: 1 cricket bat, Kit Bag, Bat Care Kit, Leather Ball, Batting Gloves, Helmet, Hanging Ball, Leather Ball, Thigh Guard, Supporter, Abdominal Guard
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If you purchase this product you will earn 98-114 Points!
If you purchase this product you will earn 98-114 Points!

SG Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit

Whether you are a professional player or a beginner, having the right cricket kit can be quite useful. Premium quality protective equipment provides a great level of protection against all injuries. Buy SG Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit online in India from anywhere on Big Value Shop that includes one superior cricket bat, Helmet, Batting Gloves, a Kit Bag, Batting Legguards, Thigh Guard, Supporter, Abdominal Guard, Bat Care Kit, Hanging Ball, and a Leather Ball. The SG Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit price is optimal and pocket friendly so that everyone can easily afford it. In order to know the complete specification of each equipment, look at the following details:

SG Sierra Plus Cricket Bat (Qty: 1)

  • Made of premium quality kashmir willow
  • Good pick up and long-lasting durability
  • Sarawak cane handle
  • Good shock absorption

SG Smartech Helmet (Qty: 1)

  • Moulded earpiece & latest design
  • Lightweight and adjustable steel grill
  • Sweat absorbent inner padding
  • Customisable adjustor for proper fit

SG Club Batting Gloves (Qty: 1 pair)

  • Made of superior quality leather material
  • Lightweight in nature
  • Provides better comfort level
  • Gives maximum grip

SG Optipak Kit Bag (Qty: 1)

  • Manufactured from superior fabric material
  • Better durability and long-lasting performance
  • Additional compartment to carry bat
  • Maximum compartment available to keep all protective gear

SG Nexus Batting Legguards (Qty: 1 pair)

  • Premium quality material used
  • PVC facing
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • High density foam padding

 SG Test Thigh Guard (Qty: 1)

  • Superior low-density foam padding
  • Lightweight and sturdy protection
  • Made of best quality PU material
  • Elastic hook and look straps

SRS Supporter (Qty: 1)

  • Crafted with cotton fabric
  • Prevent red marks on skin
  • Good quality elastic waist band

SG Tournament Abdominal Guard (Qty: 1)

  • Premium poly material used
  • Optimum abdo security
  • Ideal for tournament level players
  • Cotton filled foam padding

SG Turbo Hanging Ball (Qty: 1)

  • Perfect for training sessions
  • Manufactured from superior leather material
  • Helps in mastering hand eye co-ordination
  • Improve technique of game

WillCraft Club Leather Ball (Qty: 1)

  • Best quality tanned leather
  • Natural cork center wrapped
  • Made of high-quality leather material
  • Perfectly hand stitched

SG Bat Care Kit (Qty: 4)

  • Kit includes toe guard, glue, mallet, face tape
  • Enhance bat’s life
  • Toe guard prevents toe of cricket bat
  • Pasting glue helps toe guard to stick properly
  • Mallet helps in knocking process
  • Durable and easy to use
  • High quality wooden mallet
  • Anti-scuff sheet for extra protection
  • Reduction of cracks to bat’s surface

With these outstanding features and quality, SG Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit is a perfect cricket kit. You can compare SG Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit cost, quality, material, and other specifications and then decide to purchase this amazing product. Grab this opportunity now!

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