Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy | Granules | 400gm

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Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy

  • Brand: Pankajakasthuri
  • Product Name: Breathe Eazy
  • Quantity: 400 gm
  • Recommended for: Adults & Children
  • Used for: Maintaining respiratory health


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Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy | Granules | 400gm

Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy Granules is a remarkable herbal remedy meticulously crafted to address respiratory concerns with a potent blend of 15 natural ingredients, all formulated in strict adherence to international standards. This exceptional herbal concoction has been ingeniously designed to offer respite to individuals grappling with respiratory distress, making every breath a little easier.

At its core, Breathe Eazy Granules work by gently dilating the respiratory tract, allowing individuals plagued by breathing difficulties to experience a profound sense of relief. It goes beyond mere symptom management by taking proactive measures to deter hypersensitivity reactions, a common trigger for respiratory distress. For those who have long battled the debilitating effects of bronchitis, wheezing, eosinophilia attacks, sinusitis, rhinitis, and other substantial breathing issues, this herbal blend emerges as a beacon of hope.

One of the standout features of Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy is its exceptional capacity to bolster the body’s immune system against allergies, providing long-term relief. Through its consistent use, individuals can anticipate a noticeable reduction in IgE levels (Immunoglobulin E), which serve as a reliable indicator of allergic responses. This reduction signifies a decrease in the body’s propensity to react adversely to allergens, bringing about a significant improvement in the quality of life. Anyone can easily buy Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy online in India from Big value shop. Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy price is reasonable compared to its benefits.

What truly sets this herbal formulation apart is its commitment to safety. Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy Granules stand as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of traditional herbal wisdom and modern standards of safety. Unlike many conventional treatments, this natural remedy offers relief without subjecting users to unwelcome side effects, making it an ideal choice for those seeking holistic and sustainable respiratory wellness. Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy cost is comparatively low on our website.


  • Respiratory Tract Dilation: One of its primary advantages is its ability to dilate the respiratory tract. This action makes breathing easier for individuals with compromised airways, providing them with much-needed relief from the discomfort associated with respiratory conditions.
  • Phlegm Clearance: Breathe Eazy Granules assist in clearing phlegm from the lungs, which is especially beneficial for individuals prone to excessive mucus production. This clearing effect promotes clearer air passages and contributes to overall respiratory comfort.
  • Resistance Against Infections: The formulation imparts resistance against recurrent respiratory infections. By enhancing the body’s immune response, it acts as a shield, reducing the likelihood of falling prey to frequent respiratory illnesses.
  • Respiratory Strength and Rejuvenation: This herbal remedy has the remarkable ability to improve respiratory strength and rejuvenate the lungs. This not only aids in combating existing respiratory issues but also promotes long-term lung health and vitality.
  • Immunomodulation: Breathe Eazy Granules serve as potent immunomodulators. They fine-tune the immune system, making it more efficient in combating various challenges, including pollution-related issues, thus enhancing overall immunity.
  • Protection Against Pollution: In today’s world, where pollution is a growing concern, this herbal supplement acts as a shield for healthy breathing. It equips individuals with the immunity needed to fend off the adverse effects of environmental pollutants.
  • Relief from Allergic Symptoms: For those afflicted by allergies such as continuous sneezing, a runny nose, habitual cold, and sinusitis, this herbal remedy offers effective relief. Its ability to mitigate allergic reactions makes it an invaluable asset for individuals battling allergic bronchitis.

Key ingredients:

Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy contains 15 herbs and natural ingredients which synergistically promote respiratory health. The key ingredients include:

  • Maricham
  • Pippali
  • Viswam
  • Ela
  • Twag
  • Aswagandha
  • Amlika
  • Jeeraka
  • Vilwa
  • Vasaka
  • Hareetaki
  • Vibheetaki
  • Kasagni
  • Yojanavalli
  • Sugar candy

How to use:

  • Adults: Take 1 tablespoon (approx15 grams) with warm water two times a day after post meal
  • Children’s: Take half the dosage recommended for adults with milk, honey, or warm water


  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Close the container tightly after use
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  1. Kavita Reddy

    Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy Granules have significantly improved my breathing. Purchasing this product from BIG Value Shop was a smooth and pleasant experience. The customer service was excellent, providing timely updates and ensuring a hassle-free delivery. Highly recommended for anyone looking for quality Ayurvedic products!

    Kavita Reddy