IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus | Increase Agricultural Productivity Organically | 100 ml

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IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus

  • Brand: IndiaGro
  • Used as: penetrator, spreader, and sticker
  • Quantity: 100ml
  • Form Factor: Liquid
  • Chemical Composition: Silicon based
  • Pack of: 1 (100ml


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IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus | 100ml

IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus is a penetrator, spreader, and sticker that easily mix with the insecticides and stays on the crop even after rain. We spray insecticides on crops to protect against insects. But due to heavy rain, all insecticides get flushed with the rainwater. IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus is a binder that helps to stick the insecticides on the leaves or wherever sprayed. It decreases the surface tension of the spray water and spreads the insecticides on the larger area. Mix the IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus in your insect-destroyer insecticides and spray it on the crop to defeat flies and bugs. Buy IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus online in India at a reasonable price and protect your crops against heavy rain and creepy-crawlies. IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus simply spread over the plant, forming a layer, and it does not get rid off quickly even after heavy rain. These forming layers help the crop to stick with the bug juice and eradicate maximum creepy-crawlies. Even some rigid fertilizers do not enter inside the crop. But with the help of IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus, these fertilizers easily get inside the crop, forming a protection layer against flies and insects. Organic fertilizers, bioinsecticides, and some others are low in action due to limiting factors. IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus helps these fertilizers improve their residual activity. IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus helps allow the fertilizers to stay on the plant. IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus costs at its best.

IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus – Key Features:

  • Work as penetrator, spreader, and sticker for fertilizers
  • Helps to nurture crop production
  • Stays on the crop even after heavy rain
  • Helps to eradicate insects when mixed with fertilizers
  • Acts as a performance enhancer
  • Competitive IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus price at Big Value Shop
  • Cost-effective product made by IndiaGro
  • Suitable for Organic Farming
  • Useful for Floriculture, Agriculture

Usage of IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus:

  • Add water to the spray container and mix the fertilizer/insecticides that you want to spray.
  • Then, add a sufficient amount of IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus to the mixture and steer well
  • Now, spray the liquid formulation on your crop.

Get this Mi Spray Plus at an affordable price now. Read the label for exact dose and compositions.

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  1. Vinay Malhotra

    Highly recommended product made by Indiagro. It stays on the crop by mixing with pesticides to keep the insects at bay.

    Vinay Malhotra

  2. Bhavesh


  3. Kavita Mehta

    This product boosted my farm’s productivity organically. The service at BIG Value Shop was commendable, with fast shipping and excellent communication.

    Kavita Mehta

  4. Gitanjali Rao

    IndiaGro Mi Spray Plus is a miracle worker for increasing productivity organically. I’ve seen a significant boost in my agricultural yield since I started using it. Ordering from Big Value Shop was a breeze, and their customer service team went above and beyond to ensure I had all the information needed for the application. The fast delivery was the cherry on top!

    Gitanjali Rao

  5. Gitanjali Rao

    The On & On Luxury Soap Bar is unlike any other soap I’ve used. It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I was impressed by the quick delivery and the care Big Value Shop’s customer service took to ensure my order was correct. They even followed up to make sure I was happy with my purchase. Will definitely be buying more.

    Gitanjali Rao