IndiaGro Mi Spray | 100 ml


IndiaGro Mi Spray

  • Brand: IndiaGro
  • Used as: activator, penetrator, spreader, and sticker
  • Quantity: 100ml
  • Form Factor: Liquid
  • Chemical Composition: Silicon based
  • Pack of: 1 (100ml)

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IndiaGro Mi Spray | 100ml

IndiaGro Mi Spray is an activator, penetrator, spreader, and sticker that easily mix with the pesticides and stays on the crop even after rain. We spray pesticides on crops to protect against insects. But due to heavy rain, all pesticides get flushed with the rainwater. IndiaGro Mi Spray is a binder that helps to stick the pesticides on the leaves or wherever sprayed. It decreases the surface tension of the spray water and spreads the pesticides on the larger area. Mix the IndiaGro Mi Spray in your insect-killing pesticides and spray it on the crop to kill insects. Buy IndiaGro Mi Spray online in India at reasonable price and protect your crops against insects and heavy rain. IndiaGro Mi Spray simply spread over the plant, forming a layer, and it does not get rid off quickly even after heavy rain. These forming layers help crop to stick with the pesticides and kill maximum insects. Even some hard fertilizers do not penetrate inside the crop. But with the help of IndiaGro Mi Spray, these fertilizers easily get inside the crop, forming a protection layer against insects. Organic fertilizers, biopesticides, and some others are low in action due to limiting factors. IndiaGro Mi Spray helps these fertilizers/pesticides improve their residual activity. IndiaGro Mi Spray is based on the silicon composition, which allows the fertilizers to stay on the plant. IndiaGro Mi Spray costs at its best.

Key Features of IndiaGro Mi Spray:

  • Work as activator, penetrator, spreader, and sticker for fertilizers/pesticides
  • Helps to grow crop production
  • Stays on the crop even after heavy rain
  • Helps to kill insects when mixed with fertilizers/pesticides
  • Acts as a performance enhancer
  • Competitive IndiaGro Mi Spray price at Big Value Shop
  • Cost-effective product made by IndiaGro
  • Suitable for Organic Farming
  • Useful for Floriculture, Agriculture


  • Add water to the spray container and mix the pesticides that you want to spray.
  • Then, add the sufficient amount of IndiaGro Mi Spray to the mixture and steer well
  • Now, spray the liquid formulation on your crop

Doses of IndiaGro Mi Spray:

For Agriculture:

Mi Spray Doses:           ml / ltr

  • Fertilizers and micronutrients     0.5
  • Herbicide                  1
  • Soil wetting/ drip irrigation          1
  • Insecticide                 0.5
  • Glyphosate              1
  • Lawn and herbs/ shrubs           0.5
  • Plant growth promoters       1

For Horticulture Crops:

Mi Spray Doses          ml/acre

  • Soil wetting/ drip irrigation           200 ml/acre
  • Herbicide                       200 ml/acre
  • Insecticide                      100 ml/acre
  • Glyphosate                  200 ml/acre
  • Lawn and herbs/ shrubs               100 ml/acre
  • Fertilizers and micronutrients        100 ml/acre
  • Plant growth promoters               200 ml/acre

For Vegetables:

Insecticide Herbicide.

*these doses are just approximate values. For actual quantity, consult the farming experts.

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