GPF Poultry Copper Formula | Copper Supplement | 1 KG

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GPF Feed Supplement

GPF Poultry Copper Formula | 1KG

  • Brand: GPF
  • Model: GPF Copper Formula
  • Dimensions: 7x7x2 in
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Used: Anti-fungal supplement
  • Used to: prevent anaemic conditions in poultry
  • Suitable for: Birds like broilers, layers, and other poultry animals.
  • Dose: 50gm /100kg of feed
  • Contains: Copper Sulphate (25 % of Copper)


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GPF Poultry Copper Formula | 1KG

In poultry, birds and other animals somehow get infected through fungus and other harmful microbes. GPF Poultry Copper Formula is one of the best solutions to deal with the fungus. Copper Sulphate has been a traditional anti-fungal agent that deals with anaemic conditions. GPF Poultry Copper Formula is made by using copper sulphate that not only works as an anti-fungal and mould inhibitor feed supplement but also protects birds and other poultry animals from fungal infections that may affect them badly. It is an acidified copper sulphate solution widely in poultry against anaemia. Just add the right amount of GPF Poultry Copper Formula in feed and give it to your bird or any poultry animal. These days, the disease in poultry animals like chicken is high. That’s why veterinary doctors prefer acidified copper sulphate for poultry.

GPF Poultry Copper Formula also acts as a disinfectant. You can add GPF Poultry Copper Formula in water to disinfect poultry against mould and fungus as it has antimicrobial property. If you’re looking to buy GPF Poultry Copper Formula online in India, then this is the best platform to get at its best price. The GPF Poultry Copper Formula price here is easy on the pocket so that anyone can afford it.

Composition and Doses:

It is an acidified copper sulphate powder used to treat against fungus and mould present in the poultry birds like chicken.

Dose: add 50gm of GPF Poultry Copper Formula to 100kg of feed

Note: Don’t give too much of GPF Poultry Copper Formula as it contains 25% of copper. Offering a higher dose of copper sulphate may be toxic, resulting in some other problems in chicken or other poultry animals. If necessary, take the advice of your veterinary doctor.

Benefits of GPF Poultry Copper Formula:

Copper Sulphate is given to chicken and other poultry animals that deal with fungus and harmful moulds. GPF Poultry Copper Formula is a fine-quality copper sulphate that not only deals with toxicity problems, but also promotes growth and high FCR in layers and boilers. These days birds like chicken go through toxicity problems; this may cause severe issues to the chicken and the consumer as well. This Copper Formula is the solution for all anaemic conditions. Make the best use of GPF Poultry Copper Formula by purchasing it from Big Value Shop at a reasonable rate now. GPF Poultry Copper Formula cost at Big Value Shop is cheaper and optimal.

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  1. Kishor Gupta

    Exactly the same product I was looking for. It really helps my birds in growing faster and healthier.

    Kishor Gupta