Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid | 200ml

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Elements Wellness

Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid

  • Brand: Elements Wellness
  • Type: Blood Purifier
  • Treatment: Liver
  • Organic: Yes (Herbal)
  • Form Type: Liquid
  • Container Type: Bottle
  • Ideal for: Men & Women
  • For Age group: 8+
  • When: After the Meal
  • Ingredients: Kasani, Revandchini, Haritaki, Amaltas
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Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid | Boost Your Liver

Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid is designed to deal with liver problems. The Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid is made from ayurvedic ingredients such as Amaltas, Revandchini, Kasani, and Haritaki, which improves the digestive enzymes and enhances the functionality of your liver. This powerful liver tonic also helps to fight against hepatitis E and B virus. Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid works by treating digestive irritation and soothes the nerves to improve digestion. This tonic is also beneficial in loss of weight and lack of appetite. Our modern lifestyle can harm the liver and lead to liver-related severe diseases like hepatotoxicity, hepatic infection. That’s why we must have a liver tonic such as Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid in our daily diet to prevent such liver-related diseases.

The ayurvedic ingredients present in Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid are very effective for liver and safe. This liver stimulant helps to detoxify the liver by clearing harmful toxins and increasing the appetite and digestion. Buy Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid online in India at a reasonable rate from Big Value Shop now.

Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid – Key Features:

  • Helps to Clean liver toxins
  • Helps to better the digestive system and appetite
  • Provides energy to the body for improving productivity
  • Helps to fight against Liver-related diseases such as hepatic disinfection
  • Helps to normalize the liver functionality
  • Competitive Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid price at Big Value Shop
  • 100% Vegetarian and Ayurvedic

If you’re suffering from gastric problems, tiredness, indigestion, and disturbance in sleep, then you should try Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid.

Dosage of Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid:

Add 1-2 tsp of Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid in one glass of water and consume it. Please prefer a doctor for the best dosage.

  • For children: 1 tsp
  • For adult:2 tsp

Important Notes:

  • Not meant for treating severe liver damage.
  • Not recommended if you have Jaundice.
  • No claim to treat Hepatitis C infection
  • Only made to prevent the liver disease and keep it healthy
  • Avoid using if you are suffering from other body organ disease or consult your doctor.

Have the Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid in your daily diet and live a healthy lifestyle. The Elements Liv-a’Gain Liquid costs at its best on Big Value Shop. Order now!

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  1. Tausif Kadir

    Awsome liver tonic.

    Tausif Kadir

  2. Jayant

    My liver works fine now after using it for 6 months. Hope all toxins are now away from my stomach. Nice Liver appetizer.


  3. Anonymous


  4. Joseph Mathew

    Joseph Mathew