X-Shot Hurricane | 1 Dart Clip 10 Darts | 12 Foam Darts

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X-Shot Zuru

X-Shot Hurricane

  • Brand: X-Shot
  • Model: X-Shot Hurricane
  • Colour: Grey, Orange, and Blue
  • Clip size: 10 darts
  • Product Type: Toy Gun
  • Age group: 8+
  • Weight: 1.26pounds
  • Targeting distance: 80ft/24 meters
  • Box Content: 1 Hurricane, 1 Clip (10 Darts capacity), 12 Foam Darts

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X-Shot Hurricane | 1 Dart Clip 10 Darts | 12 Foam Darts

X-Shot Hurricane is a compact-sized 1 clip 10 darts fun blaster best suited for young kids. Its lightweight and small dimension are convenient in small hands. The quick switch mechanism of the clip makes loading & reloading faster. The contrasting grey-orange colour combination is an eye-catching for kids and everyone who loves this toy gun. The foam darts are safe and convenient for kids as well. X-Shot Hurricane price is competitive at Big Value Shop. The silky pump-action technology used in the gun makes it fun to reload and fire in quick successions with an impressive range of up to 80ft / 24 meters. The grey-orange colour outlay makes X-Shot Hurricane visibly appealing to kids. The lightweight plastic design facilitates tireless playtime sessions and prolonged shelf life as well. Reloading the clip is also very simple. All you need to do is just release the clip, insert the dart, and youโ€™re back into action. Hurry up and grab a gift for your child!!!

Key specifications of X-Shot Hurricane

  • X-Shot Hurricane is a compact quick action dart gun.
  • Highly durable plastic material prolongs shelf-life.
  • The cushioned darts make it safer for kids.
  • Improves health and engages kids in outdoor activities.
  • Improves concentration and shooting skills of children.
  • Sharpens cognitive skills.
  • Enhances focusing and task execution skills in a fun way.
  • Compact 1.26-pound lightweight design makes it easier on younger hands.
  • (40 x 6.7 x 24) Centimetres dimension enhances proper grip.
  • Quick-release Dart Clip helps for quicker load, reload.
  • The streamlined dart design for increased shooting distance.
  • Economical X-Shot hurricane cost at big value shop.

With all these many engaging feature sets, it is a perfect gift for your child. The eye-catching design of the X-Shot Hurricane makes it appealing to the kids. It is an interactive way of enhancing the child’s focusing and execution skills. Also, the lightweight plastic design makes it durable and much easier to handle in small hands. So, hurry up and buy X-Shot Hurricane online in India exclusively at an attractive price from Big Value Shop now. Grab the product now!!!

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  1. Joy

    It is just like the name. my kids love playing with the Hurricane and other models like dino stircker and Max attacker.