X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide | 16 Darts

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X-Shot Zuru

X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide | 16 Darts

  • Brand: X-Shot Zuru
  • Model: Excel Quick- Slide
  • Colour: Blue, white and orange
  • Age group: 8 years and above
  • Product Type: Auto-Sliding toy gun
  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery: Not required
  • Targeting Distance: 90ft/27m approx.
  • Speed: 4darts/secย approx.
  • Box Content: Gun and 16 darts and a 10 round clip

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X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide | 16 Darts

The X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide is a clip blaster that is based on the auto-slide platform. This mechanism of the X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide helps the player enjoy quick dart firing sessions. This fun tool facilitates an auto-sliding ten dart clip that is easy to refill and packs impressive fire capabilities. You can fire up to 4 darts per second, making it challenging for the opponent to dodge the consecutive firepower. Despite their size, the bullets can travel up to a distance of 90ft/sec approx. The X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide is compatible with foam darts, and 16 of these are supplied alongside it. The X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide price is justified easily because of the innovative design language. The accuracy of the shots is so precise that your enemies wonโ€™t find a place to hide. The foam darts are safe for the kids encouraging them to engage more in physical activities. These physical activities improve their cognitive ability and strengthen their focusing skills. So, hurry up and grab a gift for your kids and help them harness their concentrating and executing skills. You can buy X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide online in India easily at Big Value Shop.

Key specifications of X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide | 16 Darts

  • Quick Slide Mechanism-based gun.
  • Ten dart capacity clip.
  • Auto-Sliding mechanism with a side-mounted clip.
  • Incredible blasting range of up to 90ft/27 meters approx..
  • Eye-catching color scheme.
  • Can fire up to 4 darts per second.
  • Suitable for children of age eight years and above.
  • Soft foam design darts with aerodynamical design.
  • Smooth dart loading clip.
  • Increase their focusing skills.
  • Improves the childโ€™s aiming technique.
  • The X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide cost is competitive here.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Long-distance traveling capacity.
  • Easily refillable clip.
  • An incredible dart travel speed.
  • Impressive firing speeds.
  • Extremely accurate.

The X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide is a mixture of power and style. The design language is also very impressive and modern. The contrasting white and orange color scheme is visually pleasing to the eyes. However, what sets it apart is the quick sliding mechanism and side-mounted clip, making it easy to reload, prolonging tireless gaming sessions. Excellent accurate aiming is another attribute that makes this gun one of its kind and highly demandable. Hurry Up !!

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  1. John

    Amazing gun for qucik load and shoot your enemy.