X-Shot Excel Micro | 8 Darts

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X-Shot Excel Micro| 8 Darts

  • Brand: X-Shot
  • Model: Excel Micro
  • Colour: Grey
  • Age group: 8+ years
  • Product Type: A toy gun
  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery: Not required
  • Targeting Distance: 80feet/24 meter
  • Box Content: 1 Micro, 8 Foam darts


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X-Shot Excel Micro| 8 Darts

The X-Shot Excel Micro is a compact blaster that comes with eight darts. X-Shot Micro’s minimalistic size makes it easier & convenient to carry around for a quick play session. The small size facilitates tireless outdoor activity. The X-Shot Excel Micro packs an impressive punch regardless of its small size. The aerodynamical foam design of the darts makes them safer and helps them travel long distances. Regardless of the gun’s minimalistic size, the darts can travel up to a distance of 80ft/24 meters (approx.). The X-Shot Excel Micro price is reasonable here. The on-top dart storage facility helps in quick reloading and blasting. The X-Shot Excel Micro helps to improve the child’s cognitive and focusing ability. The compact and lightweight design help in prolonged gaming sessions as it’s lighter in weight. The eye-catching design and color combination appeals to the kids’ eyes and engages them in more outdoor activities. The X-Shot Excel Micro cost is competitive at Big Value Shop. Buy a gift for your child that lets him improve his necessary skills while performing fun activities outdoors.

Key specifications of X-Shot Excel Micro| 8 Dart

  • X-Shot Excel Micro is a small quick action dart gun.
  • Solid plastic material is used in manufacturing.
  • Aero dynamical & cushioned dart design ensures children’s safety.
  • Better dart traveling distance.
  • Extremely accurate aiming.
  • Strengthens children’s intellectual ability.
  • Improves concentration and focusing skills in children.
  • Compact, lightweight design and a dimension that is easier to handle.
  • On top, dart storage helps for quicker load, reload, and blasting.
  • Buy X-Shot Excel Micro here.

Highlighting features

  • Highly accurate.
  • Longer range.
  • On-top dart storage facility.
  • Attractive minimalistic design.

The alluring design and color combination are a feature set that makes X-Shot Excel Micro a perfect gift for your child. The head-turning power for its size makes it an appealing gift for your child. This toy helps to enhance his focusing and execution skills in a more fun way. The lightweight plastic design makes it durable and much easier to handle in small hands. On-top dart storage facilitates quick play sessions. You can buy X-Shot Excel Micro online in India at a fantastic price only at Big Value Shop. Hurry and grab the offer!!!

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  1. Sundar K

    nice minimalist gun. It has amazing shooting range though it looks small in size. I love this toy gun.

    Sundar K