X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher

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X-Shot Zuru

X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher

  • Brand: X-Shot Zuru
  • Model: Dart Blaster Excel Crusher
  • Colour: Grey
  • Age group: 8+ years
  • Product Type: Projectiles Launching Toy gun
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 14.96 pounds
  • Dimension: (12.6 x 27.56 x 3.94) inches
  • Battery: Not required
  • Targeting Distance: 90feet/27 meter (approx.)
  • Box Content: 1 Dart Blaster, 48 Foam darts

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X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher

The X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher is the blaster of your kid’s dreams. The highlighting features include an auto-rotating belt that makes sure the enemies do not get to escape. Huge dart capacity ensures that you never run out of bullets. Slam-fire feature provides rapid-fire action as soon as your fingers are held onto the trigger, firing up to 4 darts per second, catching your enemies off-guard. The effective X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher price is very reasonable here. The grey color scheme and the orange-colored barrel makes X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher appealing to the children’s eyes. Buy X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher online in India at Big Value Shop. The X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher can shoot up to 90feet/27 meters (approx.) with extreme precision even with the slam-firing mode turned on. Reloading it is also very simple. The users have to detach the belt and refill it. However, you would rarely need that due to the 35-dart holding capacity of the dart belt.

Key specifications of X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher

  • It is a slam-firing action dart gun.
  • Highly durable plastic is used in its manufacturing.
  • Soft- cushioned aero dynamical designed darts.
  • Longer dart traveling distance up to 90feet/27 meters(approx.)
  • Giant dart holding capacity up to 35 darts per belt.
  • Slam firing action for rapid firing when needed.
  • Precise aiming even in the slam-fire mode where it fires up to 4 darts per second.
  • Visually pleasing auto-rotating barrel.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Enhances the focusing skill further.
  • Light-weight design & dimensions make it convenient in hands.
  • Smooth action reloading and blasting mechanism for tireless playtime.
  • The X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher cost online in India is reasonable here.

The attractive design and color combination of the X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher makes it a very appealing gift for your child. The power and the smooth action barrel design urges the children to engage in more outdoor activities improving their cognitive ability. This fun way of engaging your child is so effective that it helps them harness their focus and execution skills. The large dart holding capacity ensures that you have a more extended playing session, and the smooth slam-firing mode that keeps training entertaining. You can find the X-Shot Dart Blaster Excel Crusher cost very competitive here. Hurry up!!!

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  1. Fernandis

    This gun includes 48 darts. Amazing to play NERF war with this gun and target your enemies for longer time.