X-Shot Chaos Meteor

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X-Shot Zuru

X-Shot Chaos Meteor

  • Brand: X-Shot Zuru
  • Model: Chaos Meteor
  • Colour: Blue
  • Age group: 14 years and above
  • Product Type: Projectiles launching toy gun
  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery: Not required
  • Targeting Distance (approx.): 100 feet
  • Speed: 30m/sec
  • Box Content: Toy Gun and 12 high impact spherical rounds
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X-Shot Chaos Meteor

The X-Shot Chaos Meteor is a toy gun of a different dynamical league. The large bullet holding compartment can store up to six spherical bullets visible from the outside. The X-Shot Chaos Meteor can fire shots with extreme precision at great distances with astonishing speed. The bullets from X-Shot Chaos Meteor can reach a velocity of 100 ft./sec or 30 m/sec (approx.). This reason makes it stand out from other guns firing similar round-shaped shots. These speeds are achieved by the slide prime reloading mechanism and the hexagonal patterned bullet design. The slide prime reloading mechanism makes reloading easy and convenient on the hands prolonging gaming sessions. The X-Shot Chaos Meteor is a perfect blend of power, precision, and speed. The bullets’ round shape drastically reduces any chances of getting hurt and encourages them to engage more in outdoor activities. The unique and attractive design language justifies the X-Shot Chaos Meteor price at Big value shop. You can buy X-Shot Chaos Meteor at a very competitive price here.

Key Specifications of X-Shot Chaos Meteor

  • Slide primer mechanism-based dynamically designed toy gun.
  • It is manufactured from a highly durable plastic material.
  • Compatible with hexagonal patterned spherical shots.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Holding capacity is six rounds.
  • Visible bullet holding compartment.
  • The spherical shape of the bullets facilitates better traveling distance.
  • The high speed of the bullets can reach up to 100 feet per second or 30meters/second.
  • Suitable for children above the age of 14.
  • Improves focusing skills.
  • Improves aiming skills.
  • Enhances reflexe-reaction timing.
  • The three-inch design makes it comfortable to hold in hand.
  • The X-Shot Chaos Meteor cost is very reasonable here.


  • Dynamic design
  • Six round capacity
  • Highly accurate.
  • Exceptional bullet speed.
  • Compatible with round-shaped bullets.

The X-Shot Chaos Meteor is a perfect blend of power and precision. The head-turning design, the bright colors make it attractive to everyone gaining more children’s attention. It serves as the ideal gift for your child. It helps him engage in more outdoor activities that train them and improves necessary cognitive abilities. The spherical shape of the shots makes it safe for the children as well. You can easily buy X-Shot Chaos Meteor online in India at attractive prices here. Hurry up!!!

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  1. Roy

    It functions flawlessly. Nice product made by X-shot