X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack | 50 S2 Balls

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X-Shot Zuru

X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack | 50 S2 Balls

  • Brand: X-Shot Zuru
  • Color: Red
  • Type: Refill Pack
  • Toy category: blaster Toys
  • Recommended age: 6+ years
  • Material: Durable Polyurethane
  • Pack Content: 50 balls

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X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack | 50 S2 Balls

The X-Shot Chaos Balls are round, hexagonal patterned foam balls that are fully compatible with Rival blasters by NERF. These X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack contain foam Balls that are highly durable and reach great distances. These X-Shot Chaos Balls offer great value as they are incredibly impactful balls and are compatible with major brands. The hexagonal pattern helps in enhancing the speed and accuracy of the balls. Additionally, these balls are made out of durable soft polyurethane material that are very safe and travel game-changing distances. This unique combination of design and durability makes the X-Shot Chaos Balls the perfect choice for your child’s blaster. The hexagonal design delivers impactful and highly accurate targets. This design also allows the ball to generate more power, minimizing air resistance and providing a greater impact force. Even the quality of the balls justifies the X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack Price here. Buy X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack Online in India at very reasonable and affordable prices. Hurry Up and grab the opportunity!!!

Key Specifications of X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack | 50 S2 Balls

  • X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack is a pack of 50 balls.
  • Bright-colored balls for better visibility.
  • Perfect round sized balls with a hexagonal pattern.
  • Soft and cushioned ball design makes it much safer for children.
  • The easy reloadable design language is compatible with major brands.
  • Quality performance at competitive pricing.
  • Maximum accuracy achievement.
  • Unique texture provides enhanced accuracy and impact force.
  • This ball design also allows them to reach speeds up to 100feet per second.
  • The X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack cost is extremely competitive here.

The hexagonal pattern, vibrant coloring, and round design of the balls help children improve their visibility and enhance accuracy. The round shape allows reaching exceptional speeds closing up to 100 feet per second. The cushioned and soft textured exterior pattern makes it safer for kids using round blasters. These high-speed spherical round blasters are compatible with leading round blaster manufacturing companies. These attributes make X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack a high demand product. Despite this, you can buy X-Shot Chaos Balls Refill Pack at affordable prices only at Big Value Shop. Make your order a prepaid one and grab an exciting reward alongside. Hurry up!!!

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  1. Shan

    nice balls. Floats in the air straight while shooting with gun. Must have balls to play with.