RCM Sure Sugar

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RCM Sure Sugar

  • Brand: RCM
  • Model Name: Sure Sugar
  • Form Factor: Powder
  • Technical Name: 4-way treatment
  • Used For: Sugarcane Crop
  • Type: Fertilizer
  • Quantity: 1700 g
  • Container Type: Bag
  • Pack of: 1

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RCM Sure Sugar | Sugarcane Root Development

RCM Sure Sugar is an eco-friendly manure made for the root development of sugarcane crops. It comprises 1700 gm for one Acer. This organic solution protects the crops against soil-borne bugs and drought through antiplant pathogen activity of microorganisms. To buy RCM Sure Sugar online in India, you can explore Big Value Shop. This enricher comes with five pouches for different stages. It supports the heaviness and tallness of sugarcane crops. Follow the given schedule to ensure a good result.

  • Stage:1 – Use 250 gm for one acer

Grow the beneficial micro flora in the soil that helps in enhancing the soil productivity. Helpful in fixation of nitrogen and organic carbon in the soil.

  • Stage:2 – Use 300 gm for one acer

Develops chlorophyll contain and leaf size. Make tillers progress faster and robust.

  • Stage:3 – Use 400gm for one acer

Helps in increasing internodes girth and internodal distance. In this stage, the photo synthesis process takes place instantly.

  • Stage:4 – Use 500gm for one acer

Helpful in increasing sugar contains and overall sugarcane yield. In this stage, this fertilizer enhances number of internodes.

  • Stage:5 – Use 250gm for once acer

Supply the micro nutrients to the crops.

Key Specifications of RCM Sure Sugar:

  • It is an eco-friendly fertilizer made for sugarcane yield.
  • Enhances percentages of sugar and crop yield.
  • Improves soil texture, structure and aeration.
  • Protects from root pathogens.
  • Comes with natural antimicrobial and anti-plant pathogen activity.
  • Reasonable RCM Sure Sugar cost at Big Value Shop.
  • Promotes healthy heaviness and height of sugarcane crops.
  • Helps in activating soil biologically with the fixation of nitrogen.
  • Provides beneficial microorganism.
  • Protects the soil against drought and other soil-borne ailments.

Time of Use:

  • Apply this product before 11 am in the morning or after 5 pm in the evening for healthy results.


  • Don’t mix this fertilizer along with alkaline chemical and bordo mixture.

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  1. Bikram

    Within 90 days I can see a great result in my sugarcane farming. Organic and enough for 1 acre crop