RCM Spraymax-85

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RCM Spraymax-85

  • Brand: RCM
  • Model Name: Spraymax-85
  • Type: Sprayer
  • Application: Agriculture
  • Quantity: 1L, 500ml, 250ml
  • Form: Liquid


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If you purchase this product you will earn 5-23 Points!

RCM Spraymax-85 | Plant Protection Sprayers

In the realm of agriculture, ensuring the health and vitality of crops is a primary concern for farmers. Pesticides play a crucial role in safeguarding crops from the threat of weeds, insects, and diseases. However, the effectiveness of pesticides can be significantly enhanced through the use of adjuvants like RCM Spraymax-85. This non-ionic spray adjuvant is designed to elevate the performance of pesticides, making it an invaluable tool for modern farming practices. You can easily buy RCM Spraymax-85 Online In India from Big Value Shop. RCM Spraymax-85 price is also reasonable for our valuable customers.

RCM Spraymax-85 is a versatile solution that can be used in conjunction with a wide range of pesticides, including weedicides, insecticides, and fungicides. When properly mixed with water and applied to crops, it transforms the way pesticides interact with the leaf surface. This transformation leads to several key benefits that positively impact crop protection and production.

RCM Spraymax-85 is a game-changer for modern agriculture. Its ability to enhance pesticide performance, improve crop protection, and boost yields makes it an indispensable asset for farmers looking to achieve optimal results in their fields. By harnessing the power of this innovative spray adjuvant, farmers can embark on a path toward more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable farming practices.

Key Specifications of RCM Spraymax-85:

This remarkable adjuvant offers five beneficial properties:

  • Spreader: RCM Spraymax-85 improves the spreadability of pesticide solutions, ensuring they are evenly distributed across the entire leaf surface. This property promotes thorough coverage, which is essential for effective pest and disease control.
  • Sticker: The adjuvant acts as a sticker, enhancing the adhesion of the pesticide to the leaves. This means that even in the face of rain, the pesticide remains firmly attached to the leaves, reducing the need for frequent reapplication and saving both cost and effort.
  • Penetrant: RCM Spraymax-85 has the unique ability to open the leaf’s inner layers, allowing the pesticide to penetrate more effectively. This property ensures that the active ingredients of the pesticide reach the target pests or pathogens within the plant, leading to improved results.
  • Drift Control Agent: It contributes to the efficient use of pesticide sprays by increasing the size of the spray droplets. Larger droplets are less prone to drifting away, resulting in more precise and effective application.
  • Compatibility Agent: RCM Spraymax-85 is incredibly versatile and can be mixed with various types of fertilizers, weed killers, and medicines. Its compatibility with different agricultural inputs makes it a valuable addition to the farming toolkit.

Reasons to use RCM Spraymax-85:

  • Enhanced Leaf Absorption: One of the primary advantages of using RCM Spraymax-85 is its ability to facilitate easy absorption of pesticides by leaves. This efficient absorption mechanism ensures that the active ingredients of the pesticide are readily available to combat pests and diseases.
  • Improved Pesticide Efficacy: Studies have shown that the use of RCM Spraymax-85 can enhance the effectiveness of pesticides by a significant margin—often up to 30 to 35%. This boost in efficacy directly translates to better crop protection and higher yields.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: In agriculture, RCM Spraymax-85 cost-effectiveness is a critical consideration. It offers an economical means to achieve superior farming outcomes. By maximizing the impact of pesticides, farmers can optimize their investment in crop protection.

How to use:

The versatility of RCM Spraymax-85 extends to its ease of use. Depending on your specific needs and the type of pesticide you are using, here are some recommended mixing ratios:

  • With Fungicide or Insecticide: Mix 6 ml of RCM Spraymax-85 with 100 liters of water.
  • With Weedicide: Combine 100 ml of RCM Spraymax-85 with 100 liters of water.
  • In Stages 2, 3, and 4 of Harit Sanjivani: Use 70 ml of RCM Spraymax-85 per 100 liters of water.
  • For Dredging: Utilize 500 ml of RCM Spraymax-85 for one acre of land.

How to Handel:

Wear PPE when handling. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not ingest. Provide product label if swallowed. Ensure ventilation when mixing. Store in a cool, dry place. Dispose of containers properly. Seek medical attention for adverse reactions—trained personnel is recommended.


  • For agricultural use only.
  • Follow recommended dosage and usage instructions.
  • A compatibility test is recommended when mixing with other agricultural inputs.
  • Effectiveness may vary based on conditions.
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250ml, 500ml, 1L

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  1. Anurag

    helpful to keep insecticides and bugs at bay. It’s a next generation crop adjuvant