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Indiagro White Crush

  • Brand: Indiagro
  • Model Name: Indiagro White Crush
  • Quantity: 250ml
  • Used for: Reducing whitefly infestation
  • Form Factor: Liquid
  • Pack of: 1


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Indiagro White Crush | Best Organic Insecticide

The whitefly is a vector for many diseases that causes economic losses to crop. Plants become weak and susceptible to infection. If you are looking for natural immune modulator against the whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum), Indiagro White Crush is a reliable organic insecticide with superior doings against the dreaded whitefly infestations. It enables your crops to be yielding quality output without using any chemical pesticide spray. You can buy Indiagro White Crush online in India from Big Value Shop at the best rate. It is a unique blend of herbal extracts that reduces whitefly infestation damages and keeps your crops pest free for a long time. White Crush is suitable for both in poly houses and open fields. Apply a sufficient amount of product for better results. The ideal quantity is 250ml/acre, or 2ml/Ltr of water if larvae are noticed first. You need to apply the product when infestation crosses ETL (Economic threshold level). Indiagro White Crush is an organic insecticide that provides the best plant production than any chemical insecticide. Indiagro White Crush cost is optimal and budget-friendly. Place your order now.

Benefits of Indiagro White Crush:

  • A certified natural immune modulator against whitefly infestations.
  • It has superior activity against dreaded Trialeurodes
  • Keeps your crops or plant pest free for a long time.
  • The product reduces the damages of greenhouse white
  • It is appropriate for both in poly houses and open fields.
  • This organic insecticide gives better results than any chemical pesticide.
  • White Crush can stop resistance building within pest body metabolism.
  • It attacks the targeted pest’s nerve system and makes them immobile.
  • Competitive Indiagro White Crush price at Big Value Shop.
  • Promotes to high-yielding crops
  • Note: The product is not a pesticide, made for organic farming only.


  • Fish oil: 25%
  • Stabilizers: 45%
  • Neem oil: 20%
  • Sesame oil: 10%

250ml/acre, or 2ml/Ltr of water as a foliar spray

Time of Application:

Start the spray activity when the whitefly infestation is at ETL (Economic threshold level). The spray can be curative and prophylactic. Repeat the process after a fortnight of the first dose (or spray) for continued protection.

Indiagro White Crush is a reliable product for organic farming. So, don’t waste your time. You can purchase this product from us at an affordable price.

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  1. Vineeta Sharma

    good herbal product to keep the flies and insects away from crop.

    Vineeta Sharma