RCM Harit Sanjivani

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RCM Harit Sanjivani

  • Brand: RCM
  • Model Name: Harit Sanjivani
  • Used For: Fertilizer
  • Form Factor: Powder
  • Generic Name: Outdoor Plant
  • Quantity: 475gm, 750gm
  • Country of Origin: India


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If you purchase this product you will earn 18-33 Points!
If you purchase this product you will earn 18-33 Points!

RCM Harit Sanjivani | Agriculture Fertilizers Organic

RCM Harit Sanjivani is a carefully designed and highly effective agricultural solution tailored for both one-acre (approximately 43,560 square feet) and half-acre (approximately 21,780 square feet) plots of land. This innovative product is a game-changer for farmers, offering precise and easy-to-use pouches that cater to the diverse needs of crops at different growth stages.

For one-acre plots, each kit includes 750 grams of the product, while for half-acre plots, 375 grams are provided. These quantities are optimized to provide the right nutrition and support to crops at every stage of their growth journey.

What sets RCM Harit Sanjivani apart is its thoughtful approach to crop care. The product consists of four distinct pouches, each formulated to meet the specific requirements of crops during different developmental phases. This segmented approach ensures that crops receive the right nutrients, protection, and care precisely when they need it.

The detailed schedule provided with the product is an invaluable guide for farmers. It outlines the specific application recommendations for each of the four pouches, aligning with the various growth stages of the crops. Following this schedule diligently is of utmost importance to ensure optimal results and a successful harvest. RCM Harit Sanjivani cost is also considerable in terms of its benefits.

RCM Harit Sanjivani is a testament to modern agricultural innovation, simplifying the complexities of crop care and maximizing yields. By providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of crops at different stages of growth, it empowers farmers to make the most of their agricultural endeavors. The importance of adhering to the recommended schedule cannot be overstated, as it is the key to unlocking the full potential of this exceptional agricultural product. You can buy RCM Harit Sanjivani online in India from Big Value Shop at its best rate. This fertilizer is the best solution for plants or roots development that serves as food to soil micro-organisms which supports them to multiply faster. If you want to purchase this product, check RCM Harit Sanjivani price, quantity, and other specifications, and then place your order at our online store. Grab it now! This organic fertilizer works effectively stage by stage, as given below:

Stage 1 Benefits:

  • Acts productive soils by breaking up the unproductive clay soils.
  • Accelerate seed germination.
  • Enhances microbial activity and micro soil flora.
  • Prevent frost damages and stimulates the plant hormones & enzymes.
  • This product is completely safe for birds, animals, and human.

Stage 2,3 & 4 Benefits :

  • Itโ€™s enriched with amino acids and organic nitrogen that stimulates metabolic activation.
  • Helps in plant systems such as nutrient absorption, photosynthesis, assimilation, and respiration.
  • Helpful in overall development and growth of the plants.

Benefits of RCM Harit Sanjivani:

  • It contains all micro & major nutrients.
  • Works as a buffer against chemical fertilizers.
  • It is enriched with the nutrient quality of the soil.
  • Helps in extra oxygen supply.
  • Improves humus content and soil fertility.
  • It is made of effective ingredients.
  • Environment-friendly product.
  • Completely safe for animals, humans, and birds.
  • Enhances water holding capacity.
  • It doesnโ€™t contain w/w moisture of more than 5%.

Directions of Use for:

  • Mix RCM Harit Sanjivani with organic bio-fertilizer as well as chemical fertilizer.
  • Donโ€™t use this feed with pesticide preferably.

Dose Time and Days:

  • Use 250gm dose per acer at the time of plantation/transplanting/sowing
  • Or up to 30 day from the sowing.
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375gm, 750gm

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  1. babulal

    excellent crop growth promoter. Completely organic product from RCM