RCM Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special

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RCM Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special

  • Brand: RCM
  • Product Name: Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special
  • Organic: Yes
  • Form: Power
  • Use with: Clean Water
  • Quantity: 500gm
  • Use for: Fruit development

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If you purchase this product you will earn 26 Points!
If you purchase this product you will earn 26 Points!

RCM Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special | Wholesome Organic Nutrition

RCM Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special is a revolutionary agricultural product meticulously designed to usher in a new era of plant growth and vitality. This proprietary research marvel is the result of extensive testing and development, featuring a blend of carefully selected organic ingredients. Its primary objective is to stimulate and optimize the metabolic processes occurring within the plant system, ultimately leading to enhanced crop yield and quality.

At the heart of Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special lies the concept of harnessing nature’s intrinsic ability to synthesize essential metabolites during various physiological changes in the plant’s life cycle. These metabolites encompass a wide range of vital nutrients and compounds crucial for plant growth, development, and resilience. What makes this product truly remarkable is its role in facilitating the efficient uptake and utilization of these nutrients from the soil, ensuring that the plant’s nutritional demands are met in their entirety.

The process initiated by Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special is akin to a harmonious symphony of biological activity within the plant. It orchestrates the intricate dance of metabolic pathways, leading to the synthesis of essential biomolecules such as proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and phytochemicals. These, in turn, contribute to the plant’s overall health, vigor, and ability to withstand environmental stressors. To buy RCM Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special online in India, explore Big Value Shop.

By optimizing nutrient utilization and enhancing metabolic efficiency, this product acts as a vital ally for farmers and cultivators seeking to maximize crop yields while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Whether it’s for staple food crops, fruits, or vegetables, Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special has the potential to revolutionize agricultural practices by ensuring that plants receive the nutrients they need precisely when they need them.

Key Specifications of RCM Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special:

  • It is made of tested organic components.
  • Fulfills all nutrient requirements.
  • Specially prepared for green vegetative growth.
  • It is helpful in the natural color development of the fruits.
  • RCM Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special cost is reasonable at Big Value Shop.
  • Promotes better size and setting of fruits.
  • Activates the metabolic function in the plant system.


This wholesome organic nutrition is used as a foliar spray on fruit crops such as pear, orange, almond, mango, apple, guava, fig, strawberry, sapota, mango, papaya, pomegranate, gooseberry, sweet orange, grapes, cashew nut, pineapple, custard apple, berry fruit, tamarind, Litchi, etc.

  • Apply 1st spray at the peak vegetative development phase.
  • When it comes to the flowering stage, apply 2nd spray.
  • 3rd spray should be applied at the fruit growth stage.


  • For high-volume sprayer: Mix 1g of powder in 1 litter.
  • For low-volume sprayer: Dissolve 2g of this organic feed in 1 litter.


This wholesome organic nutrition is compatible with most common pesticides, plant growth regulators, fungicides, etc. It is suggested to go for a jar test before using it with other products.

This organic solution is available in 500gm. After checking RCM Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special price, size, quantity, and other features, you can place your order here.

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  1. Rehan

    Very helpful in green vegetable growth. Better fruit size and setting results