IndiaGro FungiKawach | Crop Protector | Plant Fungi Treatment | 250 ml


Indiagro Fungikawach

  • Brand: Indiagro
  • Model Name: Indiagro Fungikawach
  • Quantity: 250 ml
  • Used for: Crop Fungal Diseases
  • Form Factor: Liquid
  • Country of origin: India
  • Pack of: 1

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Indiagro Fungikawach | Organic Plant Protector

Plant or crop fungal pathogens play a crucial role in the quantity, profitability, and quality of plant production. It is essential to control fungal diseases early. If you are looking for natural immune modulator against fungal diseases, buy Indiagro Fungikawach online in India from Big Value Shop. You can protect your crop/plants from these fungal infections in an organic way. It is a cost-effective organic solution. This immune modulator provides considerable crop damage reduction and instant crop recovery from contact and systemic fungal infections like Blights, Sheath Rot, Leaf spots, Powdery mildew, Downey mildew, etc. Once you apply Fungikawach on your crops, it works on fungal pathogens on the very first day to keep your plant fungi-free and increases production. Fungikawach stops the growth of fungi by interfering with the biosynthesis of sterols in cell members. You can use this product as curative as well as preventative. For quality output, use the right amount of Indiagro Fungikawach. Apply 2ml/Ltr of water if larvae are observed first, or 250 ml/acre depending on severity. You can also consult your certified farming expert. Indiagro Fungikawach cost is pocket-friendly. Place your order now for extra benefits.

Benefits of Indiagro Fungikawach:

  • Natural immune modulator against fungal diseases.
  • No residues and non-poisonous.
  • It protects your crop/plants from fungal infections in an organic way.
  • Can act as curative as well as preventative.
  • The product is a cost-effective organic product.
  • Contact or systemic fungal infection can be control at a time.
  • It works on fungal pathogen during penetration & haustoria formation.
  • Increases quantity, profitability, and quality of plant production.

Mode of Action:

Indiagro Fungikawach acts effectively on both curative and prophylactic in order to control various diseases. The product has both systemic and contact action.

  • Heptaldehyde: 20%
  • Copper Octonate: 10%
  • Fish oil: 40%
  • Oenenthal Bi Sulphite: 20%
  • Emulsifier: 10%


  • 250 ml/acre depending on severity
  • Or, 2ml/Ltr of water in case of larvae are first observed
  • Use as a foliar spray
  • Repeat at five-seven days interval.

Indiagro Fungikawach is suitable for organic farming and increases production. To purchase this product, you can place your order here. Indiagro Fungikawach price is affordable and easy on the pocket. Grab it now!

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