Elements Whitening Body Lotion | 100ml

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Elements Wellness

Elements Whitening Body Lotion

  • Brand: Elements
  • Model Name: Elements Whitening Body Lotion
  • Quantity: 100ml
  • Ingredient Type: Ayurvedic
  • Storage: Cool, dry & dark place
  • Benefits: Body Revitalising Lotion


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Elements Whitening Body Lotion | 100ml

Unveil the secret to glowing, youthful skin with Elements Whitening Body Lotion, an Ayurvedic masterpiece that harnesses the power of nature to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Crafted with precision and care, this lotion blends the goodness of Saffron, Licorice, Vetiver, and a potent Multi-vitamin complex, all renowned for their remarkable cell-regeneration properties.

At the heart of Elements Whitening Body Lotion lies saffron, a precious spice with unparalleled revitalizing effects. Saffron’s natural potency works to reduce the presence of wrinkles, leaving your skin looking & feeling more youthful. Our unique formulation incorporates a multi-vitamin complex that combats dark spots and blemishes, giving you a more even and radiant complexion. What truly sets Elements Whitening Body Lotion apart is its exceptional oxygenation maintenance. It keeps your skin well-hydrated and nourished, preventing damage from external elements and reducing the chances of sunburn. The Elements Whitening Body Lotion price is also considerable as compared to its benefits.

Consistent use of this body lotion paves the way for smoother, softer skin. The infusion of Vitamin C extracts repairs damaged and dull skin, revealing a fresher, more youthful appearance. This lotion is your trusted ally in the quest for healthier, more radiant skin. The natural essence of vetiver provides a soothing and relaxing effect on your skin. Not only does it help you unwind, but it also enhances your skin’s overall health.

This versatile body lotion is suitable for all age groups. Whether you’re in your twenties looking to maintain youthful skin or in your forties seeking to revitalize your complexion, Elements Whitening Body Lotion has you covered. Now, you can embrace the gift of radiant skin without breaking the bank. You can Buy Elements Whitening Body Lotion online in India from Big Value Shop.

Elements Whitening Body Lotion – Key Benefits:

  • Reduces the chances of sunburn.
  • Prevents skin damage by keeping it moisturized.
  • Unique triple-action formulation of Saffron, Vetiver, and Licorice.
  • Helps in dark spot reduction and skin tone whitening.
  • Acts as a quick skin tone evener with regular use.
  • Speeds up the dull and damaged skin repair process.
  • Ensures even skin tone maintenance.

Storage Instructions for Elements Whitening Body Lotion:

  • Keep away from exposure to any kind of direct sunlight, heat.
  • Store in a dry, cool, and dark place.

Directions for Elements Whitening Body Lotion’s Usage & Safety Instructions:

  • Thoroughly moisturize your body with clean water or dampened cloth.
  • Now apply the Whitening lotion calmly throughout the body area and gently massage until the skin absorbs it.
  • Daily usage gives you better results giving your skin the perfect complexion.

Elements Whitening Body Lotion is one of the best skin moisturizing & healing lotions against day-to-day harsh sunlight and polluted environment. The most prominent feature of this is it being an ayurvedic and chemical-free made in India product that is effective against all skin types. The Elements Whitening Body Lotion cost is affordable, and you can buy it online in India from Big Value Shop.

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