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If you purchase this product you will earn 6-8 Points! Worth 6.00-8.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 6-8 Points! Worth 6.00-8.00!

Yonex BG 65 Badminton Strings by Yonex

Play your Best Game on the Court

Yonex is a company dedicated to manufacturing the most advanced equipment and accessories for sports such as badminton, tennis, and golf. Tireless research and a constant strive to perfection are at the core of all yonex products, and the company’s BG 65 badminton strings are the choice of some of the topmost players from across many nations. These highly durable strings come with good elasticity, and their multifilament construction makes them comfortable with superior shock absorption.

The yonex BG 65 badminton strings come in a gauge of .70mm. The specially braided fibre increases the durability of the string in the face of abrasion, thus making it the top choice for reputed players from all corners of the world. The core of this BG 65 badminton string from yonex has a high polymer nylon multifilament core. The outer layer is made of special braided high polymer nylon fibre to make it ultra-resistant. Built with the yonex multifilament technology, this BG 65 string features an ultra-fine diameter. While being moderately thin, the multifilament makes it score high on the durability front. Being made of multifilament nylon fibre, the yonex BG 65 badminton string is highly elastic and can generate more power. The smashing strokes can generate satisfactory hitting sound which is rated at 6. It helps in aggressive playing for beginners. Multifilament strings are made up of numerous strands of fibre twisted together. This construction offers good playability due to excellent elasticity and superior shock absorption. They can also be a more comfortable alternative for players suffering from injuries like tennis elbow.

Sufficient Length

The BG 65 badminton string from yonex comes with a sufficient length which is suitable for both high tension and low tension stringing. Though high tension performance needs less string, this pack also caters to those who prefer lower tension stringing.


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