Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras | 1litre

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Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras

  • Brand: Trikara
  • Product Name: Giloy Tulsi Ras
  • Type: Herbs
  • Quantity: 1L
  • Container Type: Plastic Bottle
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Pack of: 1
  • Use For: Immunity Boost, Fever & Allergy relief, detoxification, etc

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Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras | 1litre

Boost your immunity and protect your health with Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras, a powerful blend of Neem Giloy and Tulsi extracts. This natural immunity booster is carefully formulated to enhance your body’s defenses and provide numerous health benefits. Neem, known for its medicinal properties, is combined with Giloy and Tulsi to create a potent juice that can help prevent various diseases.

Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras is made using fully matured stems of Giloy and Tulsi leaves, following strict Ayurvedic standards. Only the finest quality ingredients are used to ensure maximum health benefits. This product is free from artificial flavors or colors, and it adheres to HACCP, ISO, and WHO certifications. Manufactured under international GMP regulations and national organic standards, Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras guarantees purity and efficacy.

Experience the remarkable benefits of Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras as it acts as a natural immunity booster, providing essential antioxidants and purifying the blood. It effectively treats fever and allergies, regulates blood glucose levels, and reduces oxidative stress. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety with the calming properties of this powerful juice. Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras also aids digestion, reduces inflammation, and helps combat respiratory issues such as cough, cold, and tonsils. With its multiple benefits, it supports overall well-being and protects your skin. When it comes to Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras price, we offer an affordable solution for individuals seeking the benefits of this Ayurvedic formulation.


  • Rich in Natural Properties: Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras harnesses the potent properties of Neem, Giloy, and Tulsi extracts, each renowned for its unique health benefits.
  • Premium Ingredients: The juice is prepared using fully matured stems of Giloy and Tulsi leaves, ensuring the highest quality and potency.
  • Free from Artificial Additives: The formulation is devoid of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or gumming agents, ensuring its purity and natural composition.
  • Immunity Boost: Regular consumption of this elixir helps boost immunity, providing the body with added defenses against illnesses.
  • Fever and Allergy Relief: It is effective in reducing fever and alleviating allergies, offering relief from these common health concerns.
  • Detoxification: Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras aids in the removal of toxic particles from the body, contributing to overall detoxification and well-being.
  • Respiratory Health: It plays a crucial role in addressing respiratory problems, including persistent coughs, colds, and tonsillitis, promoting clearer airways and comfortable breathing.
  • Skin Protection: This elixir protects the skin from infections, enhancing its natural defenses against harmful pathogens.
  • Blood Glucose Management: Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras helps manage blood glucose levels, making it a valuable supplement for individuals dealing with diabetes or seeking to maintain healthy blood sugar.
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief: It provides relaxation during times of stress and anxiety, supporting mental well-being and emotional balance.

How to Use:

  • To boost your immunity and eliminate toxins, simply add 30 ml of Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras to 100 ml of water, mix well, and consume on an empty stomach.
  • For optimal results, it is recommended to consume this powerful juice twice a day.

Take charge of your family’s health by ordering Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras online today. Provide them with essential protection and easily boost their immunity with this remarkable product. Buy Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras online now and take a step towards a healthier and stronger immune system. Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras cost is reasonable, considering its premium quality and health benefits. Invest in your well-being with this affordable and effective product.

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  1. Rishab

    Removes toxin from bosy and immunity booster. Genuine product!