POK Magikador 500 nozzle

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POK Magikador 500 nozzle

  • Weight: 2.57 kg (approx.)
  • Compact water stream range: 46 meters
  • Dispersed water stream range: 15 meters
  • Dimensions: Length: 342 mm | Height: 252 mmย  | Width: 125.7 mm
  • Regulated Capacity: 200-350-500 l/min
  • 130-degree protective umbrella


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POK Magikador 500 nozzle

POK Magikador 500 nozzle consists of a free plug, and it is suitable for self-cleaning. These nozzles are available in two versions: ECO and top of the range. The latest design of the head offers a more significant nozzle range and better efficiency of the compact stream. POK Magikador 500 nozzle is completely acquiescent with the PN-EN 15182 standard, and it is approved from CNBOP also. POK Magikador 500 nozzle is standard because not every nozzle which gets the CNBOP approval consists of PN-EN 15182 standard. An indexed ring is used to select the calibrated flow rates. A tactile mark shows the maximum flow rate. The various streams can be adjusted with the help of an indexed head ring, which is provided with physical marks. The different available streams are: attack stream, straight stream, and wide spray pattern stream. You can buy POK Magikador 500 nozzle online in India from Big Value Shop at an affordable price. The dimension of POK Magikador 500 nozzle consist of 342 mm length, 252 mm height, and 125.7 mm wide. The weight of this nozzle is around 2.57 kg. The compact water stream range and dispersed water stream range of POK Magikador 500 nozzle is approximately 46 meters and 15 meters, respectively. POK Magikador 500 nozzle price provided here is budget-friendly.

Key Features of POK Magikador 500 nozzle:

  • It provides comfortable engraved performance and stream markings.
  • Handle, and headcover is covered with EPDM.
  • A first portable mushroom is offered to help cleaning.
  • Compact water stream range is 46 meters
  • Dispersed water stream range is 15 meters
  • Regulated Capacity: 200-350-500 l/min
  • Dimensions: 342 mm length; 252 mm height; 125.7 mm width
  • Weight: 2.57 (approx.)
  • Ergonomic water current lever
  • The head consists of ingenious tabs to easily position the jets in low visibility.

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