Cosco Skip PVC Jump Rope

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COSCO Skip PVC Jump Rope – An ideal rope for Aerobic and Cardio exercise

  • Pack of 1
  • Color: assorted
  • Type: Speed skipping rope
  • Length: 275cm
  • Exercise type: Jump rope speed steps
  • Playing Level: intermediate
  • Ideal for: Senior, Women, Girls, Junior
  • Rope features: PVC
  • Handle features: Double foam Handle
  • COSCO Skip PVC Jump Ropes are compact and lightweight.
  • Brand: COSCO
  • Sport: Fitness

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COSCO Skip PVC Jump Rope – Affordable for all

Most of the ropes are made to strengthen the lower-leg muscles, additionally, COSCO Skip PVC Jump Rope even increase the muscle of all body part. It has a double foam handle that provides a soft and amazing grip. COSCO Skip PVC Jump Rope price on Big Value Shop is comparatively low.

Rope material of COSCO Skip PVC Jump rope is Polyvinyl Chloride Skipping cord. For more consistent jump, PVC cords are much better than any other cords. It bolsters the Bone density without hurting your heel. The length of COSCO Skip PVC Jump Rope is about 275cm which means it offers you a fast skipping experience.

COSCO Skip PVC Jump rope costs is low and are one of the best skipping rope items available in India. Even Men & Women, Boys & Girls can use this rope to enhance cardiovascular health and breathing.

This utility is also an inexpensive product as compared to the other exercise equipment. So, don’t wait, Buy COSCO Skip PVC Jump Rope Online in India through Big Value Shop.

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    Ekta Singh