Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin | 100ml

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Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin

  • Brand: Baidyanath
  • Product Name: Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin
  • Quantity: 100ml


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Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin

Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin is 100% pure almond oil obtained without adding artificial colors, preservatives, mineral oil, etc. It is just pure almond oil and nothing else. Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin cost is minor, and the benefits are more. It is full of calcium, magnesium, and omega 3, which improves your bone and joint health and relieves joint ache. Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin is entirely edible; add it to your diet with milk, smoothies, and salads, and introduce its benefits in your life. You can even massage a little bit on your joints to get relief from joint aches and stiffness.

Buy Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin online in India from Big Value Shop. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce any kind of inflammation in the body; it can be due to R.A, gout, infection, etc. Almond oil is known to benefit in Alzheimer’s disease, where a person suffers from poor memory. The presence of vitamin E and Vitamin A almonds makes it a miraculous oil for skin and hair health. It makes your skin moisturized and glowing and keeps your hair soft and shiny. Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin can be served as an excellent baby oil that will moisturize and soothe babies’ skin, making them relaxed and calm. Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin price is reasonable, considering it is 100% pure almond oil. Get it today from Big Value Shop.


  • 100% Almond Oil, No Additives: Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin is composed of 100% pure almond oil, with no additives or artificial ingredients. This purity ensures that you receive the full benefits of almond oil without any dilution or unwanted substances.
  • Best Quality Assurance: Baidyanath is a trusted name in Ayurvedic products, known for its commitment to quality. Rogan Badam Shirin is no exception, offering the best quality almond oil sourced and processed with utmost care.
  • Great for Skin and Hair: Almond oil is renowned for its skin and hair benefits. Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin, being pure almond oil, is an excellent choice for nourishing and enhancing both skin and hair. It helps moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and supple, while also promoting hair strength and shine.
  • Edible and Vegetarian: Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin is not limited to external use; it is edible as well. It can be consumed internally, making it a versatile product that can be used for both topical and dietary purposes. Moreover, it is a vegetarian product, suitable for individuals following vegetarian or plant-based diets.
  • Improves Memory: Almond oil, when consumed or applied topically, is believed to have memory-enhancing properties. Regular use of Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin may contribute to improved cognitive function and memory retention.
  • Promotes Joint and Bone Health: Almond oil is a source of essential nutrients like calcium and magnesium, which are vital for maintaining strong bones and healthy joints.
  • Best Price: This product offers the benefits of pure almond oil at an affordable price. It provides an excellent value for those seeking the advantages of almond oil without breaking the bank.

Key Ingredient:

  • Pure Almond oil

Storage instructions:

  • Please keep it in a cool place but do not refrigerate
  • Close the cap properly after use


  • Consume in moderation
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