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Buy Juicer Mixer Grinder Online to Simplify Daily Life

Technology has enabled new devices for evolving into the multitasking applications for the smart and modern kitchen. The next generation of kitchen appliances and food processors are light, small, and easy to operate. Juicer mixer grinder is the best option for grinding and juicing in a single machine to space in your kitchen and save your time. Now you don’t need to keep mixer and juicer both in your kitchen when one machine can perform a variety of tasks. With juice mixer machine, you cannot just extract juice from vegetables and fruits, you can also make chutneys or spices, grind them into pastes, blend them into smoothies and much more. Whether you want to grind and chop the foodstuffs, dry fruits, garlic, spices, etc. or to make different types of chutneys, the juicer mixer grinder can do all quickly. You can purchase juicer mixer online from ecommerce store. The reason behind to shop from online mixer juicer stores is that you can compare dozens of other kitchen appliances at once and decide which one is perfect for your modern kitchen.

You can also find other types of juicer mixer that efforts for food preparations as soon as possible and saves your time. They have their own different features and functionality that help to make your daily life easier and healthier.

Hand Juicer Mixer:

This kind of fruit or vegetable juice mixer is powered by own muscle that gives a natural flavor of the juice. Instead of electricity, a hand juicer mixer typically uses a lever or crank that needs physical exertion to move. It will allow you to obtain micronutrients from your vegetables and fruits. Additionally, it is very easy to clean as there are fewer moving parts. Hand juicer mixer price is also very cheaper due to absence motor.

Portable Juicer Mixer:

Light and portable juicer mixers can make your journey easy and comfortable. These kinds of juicer mixers come with enough power for blending purposes. You can prepare anything from coffee to protein shake or baby food to juice. Some mini portable juicer mixers come with USB chargers and a single power button. The portable juice mixer price may vary depending on the functionality, branding, and servicing. Choose good juicer mixer and make your trip awesome with fresh juices and smoothies.

If you are looking for purchasing online mixer juicer grinder, then you should check several things. We have mentioned below the most important factors through which you can decide which JMG is suitable for you.

Features to Consider Before Purchasing Juicer Mixer Grinder Online

Before you buy juicer mixer online, there are a lot of criteria that should be considered to choose an ideal option for your smart kitchen. Technical specifications, motor power, quality, material, design, warranty period, and branding & services are some main factors that should be considered while making a purchase. If you shop for juice mixer online, you can check and compare your product with others and then make a purchase.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications for a juicer mixer grinder generally include wattage, motor insulation, speed control, overload protection, and RPM (approx.). These specifications help in understanding a user what is the product and how to operate and maintain it effectively. Let’s have a look at the technical specification aspect to know further about mixer grinder and juicer:

  • Wattage:

Wattage defines the power of a motor. Juice mixer machine with higher wattage has a more powerful motor that can grind heavier loads. Ideally, 550-600 W juicer grinder is optimum for Indian grinding requirements and domestic use. For tough grinding in bigger batches, a 600W juice grinder machine is suitable. In case of preparing 1- or 2-liters ingredients, you may go for commercial juicer mixer grinder 750 watts or above. However, for a larger family, juicer mixer grinder 750 watts is best for them.

  • RMP (Rotations/Minute):

Higher the revolutions or rotations per minute of the blades, more powerful is the motor of mixer and juicer. More RMP translates into more capacity and grinds or blends within no time.

  • Rating in minutes:

Rating in minutes explains the continuous operation that is required for a fruit and vegetable juice mixer grinder to work. Rating in minutes usually is 30 min – with 3 min off and 5 min on repetitions. Be ensured to never use mixer grinder and juicer continuously without cooling down the motor. It may lead to a fast depreciation rate of the motor, blade, or juice grinder machine.

  • Speed Control:

The best juicer mixer grinders come with variable speed settings (such as 2 or 3-speed rotary switches for whipping operation). With different speed options, a user can easily operate mixer and juicer at a dissimilar speed depending upon the task.

  • Overload Protection:

Overload protection is mandatory and the customers must check for it. Mostly JMGs come with auto shut off features. In case of overload, this feature prevents the motor from damage that means it automatically switches off the machine.

  • Safety Lock System:

Safety is the first considerable point that includes a safety lock system. With this safety lock mechanism, your machine starts working when the jar is perfectly locked with its base unit. Although, the latest JMGs come with a double lock system that ensures more safety. Further essential safety features must include power On/Off indicator, electricity On/Off resume protection and non-slip feet.

These are some technical specifications that will help you to understand the functionality of your JMG. We have also mentioned some other important things that should be considered before purchasing an online juicer mixer grinder. Let us throw some light on further features of juicer grinder:

Quality and Material

The quality and material of the jars, blades, and body of the machine are important factors that should be check while buying a juicer mixer online. Whether you have big or small juicer mixer grinder, ensure that it has tight jars and sturdy blades. The body of the juice mixer machine should be made of ABS and food-grade materials. You can get various juicer mixer prices options according to their quality and material.


For your modern kitchen, you need to add functionality along with style. A compact juicer grinder is a stable and ideal option for domestic use. However, a small juicer mixer can be a better option for a small kitchen.

Warranty Duration

The warranty period or duration of a juicer mixer grinder may dissimilar from one manufacturer to another. Before you make a purchase, verify the warranties offered. Because in this time duration, replacements and repairs are taken care off in case of any issue.

Brand preferences and pricing

Most people are very particular about choosing a specific brand when it comes to kitchen appliances.  You can also make a choice or choose a cost-effective juice mixer price, based on your budget that you have already decided on. The juicer mixer grinder price generally depends on brand, features, and functionality.

These technical or other key specifications will help you to choose the best juicer mixer grinder online. The juicer mixer grinder price varies depending on its quality, functionality, and other specifications. But the small juicer grinder price might be more reasonable than the bigger one.

General instructions for juicer mixer grinder

The following instructions are the best way to take care of your juicer mixer grinder that can provide long-lasting performance:

  • Don’t add hot ingredients into the jar as it may damage the jar walls and blades.
  • Ensure that socket of the machine is well earthed to avoid shocks.
  • While making purees, add enough water in the jar.
  • Make sure the air inside the jar is escaped.
  • Cooldown the motor from time to time to prevent overheating.
  • Turn off the main power button and power supply while you load the ingredients in the jar.
  • Don’t place the machine close to the walls. It may reduce noise.
  • After preparing the food, clean it properly.

We hope the information offered will help you to choose one of the appropriate and best the juicer mixer grinder. Before you buy a juice mixer online from the e-commerce site, check that your device meets the above-mentioned requirements. With online shopping, you can compare juicer grinder price, quality, features with other appliances and choose excellent one.  Once you get the best juicer mixer grinder, you can prepare wet and dry ingredients effortlessly and complete your dish quickly.

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