SG Panama Supreme Hat | Mens



SG Panama Supreme Hat

  • Sports Type: Cricket
  • Ideal for: Men
  • Color: White
  • Material: Canvas material
  • Size: Men’s

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SG Panama Supreme Hat: A canvas hat for cricket lover

Hard jobs call for hard materials and a robust canvas hat is the best company for any tough day’s work. SG Panama Supreme Hat is made from canvas material and it’s the best company for cricket players who play in the sunlight for the whole day and in such a hard condition. SG Panama Supreme Hat is made to survive the toughest conditions.

Wearing the SG Panama Supreme Hat would be a success in and of itself. Some advanced features are:

  • 100 % premium quality canvas material
  • Wide brim to protect from sunlight
  • Sewed eyelets for air circulation
  • Sunglass loops
  • Available in White shade

Buy SG Panama Supreme Hat online in India from non-other than Big Value Shop. SG Panama Supreme Hat price is at its best. A quality canvas hat such as SG Panama Supreme Hat costs way high but we have kept it low. Wide brim on this hat is easy to pack and crushable and helps to protect from the sun.

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