SG Panama Premier Hat | Mens



SG Panama Premier Hat

  • Sports Type: Cricket
  • Ideal For: Men
  • Color: White
  • Material: Canvas
  • Size: Free

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SG Panama Premier Hat: Be a player or coach wearing this hat

Canvas materials always give sturdiness to any stuff that is made from. SG Panama Premier Hat is manufactured by SG using the Canvas material of Premier quality. SG Panama Premier Hat price fits into the budget and it is a high-quality Hat that protects players from sunlight and gives trendy look.

  • 100 % canvas material
  • Wide annulus-shaped Brim to protect eyes and back-neck from sunlight
  • High durability
  • Hand & Machine Wash

To protect the eyes and back neck areas from sunlight, Extra wide annulus-shaped Brim is given. Buy SG Panama Premier Hat online in India from Big Value Shop and play cricket with your full potential wearing it. SG Panama Premier Hat costs you less as compared to the brand name and quality it contains. Check the SG Panama Premier price, size, and other specifications and purchase it on Big Value Shop.

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