SG Face Tape Premier | Regular



SG Face Tape Premier

  • Type: Protective tape
  • Material: Fiber

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SG Face Tape Premier: Increase your Bat life

SG Face Tape Premier key features:

  • Self-adhesive
  • Long-lasting
  • Anti-scuff
  • UV resistance
  • Protect against cracks
  • Increases Bat’s life

Buy SG Face Tape Premier online in India from Big Value Shop. It is an anti-scuff face tape used on the surface of bat to protect against cracks occurred by ball impact and other reasons. On Big Value Shop, SG Face Tape Premier price is low otherwise a quality protective tape such as SG Face Tape Premier costs way high based on the brand and quality. It not only helps in reducing the cracks to the bat surface but also protects the edges. It’s a self-adhesive tape that sticks perfectly to the bat surface. It is a thick tape that guards your bat against emerging cracks.

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